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Fox Terrier
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4 weeks, 2 days old (Not Ready - More Info)

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At Delwires we offer the sweetest and most wonderful and responsible way to purchase a quality, healthy and well socialised, KC registered Wire Haired Fox Terrier puppy, all our dogs are UK bred.
The puppies are guaranteed to be below the breed average for inbreeding to help prevent genetic issues and improve the general health of this wonderful breed!
We have litters planned through the year

The Delwires experience starts even before the puppy is born as you are informed of the different stages of the pregnancy and the expected day of the birth when you receive information on all the puppies and yours in particular with videos and pictures, you are asked to name your puppy, you will receive daily photos, information and updates on the puppies progress and daily weight charts each day for the first 2 weeks and then weekly there after.

Delwires actively encouraged you to visit and meet the other puppies and their mother in their home environment, which helps you establish your life time bond from 2 weeks. The name you give your puppy will be included as part of its KC registered name, where ever possible.
We have 1000's of pictures and many videos of puppies we have bred in the past and you automatically become member of the Delwire family community of other Delwires owners, who give help and support when needed. We update you on a daily basis on the puppies progress almost every day.
Every puppy will be KC registered; Vet checked throughout its 8 weeks with us and be in perfect health.
Well socialised, within a family environment, hearing and experiencing everyday household noises and activities.
The puppies will be played with and taught to interact with family members and visitors to the home.
In addition the puppy will have a health schedule in place from the day of it's birth with daily weight charts, worming from 2 weeks, videos and photos of the puppies at play all inoculations at 8 weeks a full health check and an extensive puppy pack with everything that the puppy needs to start it new life with you and 4 weeks free insurance to give you that little bit more piece of mind.

In addition the puppy comes with a lifetime of free advice and support from Delwires.
Just Google Delwires and look at both our main website and our Facebook page, just search for Delwires Wire haired fox Terriers on the friend search on your Facebook page, you will see over a 1,000 pictures and videos of our puppies and see and hear what people have to say about the Delwires experience!

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Advice when buying a Fox Terrier

Please read the following advice before buying a new pet, you should also read our article on avoiding scams :

  • NEVER make the decision to get a dog or puppy on a whim. A dog is a lifetime commitment and a lot of thought should go in to it before making the decision.
  • NEVER buy a new dog or puppy without being able to visit it at its home. If someone wants to meet you and makes excuses why you cant go to their home, just walk away and report it to us.
  • HELP US TO STOP PUPPY FARMING, read our PUPPY FARMING Information, in association with C.A.R.I.A.D
  • Read our detailed Information guide about dogs for potential new dog owners.
  • Puppies should not leave their mother until at the very least, 8 weeks old.
  • Read our Fox Terrier Dog breed information profile to research and find out more about this breed.
  • NEVER send money to someone for a pet using Western Union or Money Gram, as your money cannot be traced once sent.
  • Ask to see the pedigree papers and ensure the breeder's name is on the certificate.
  • Recently some advertisers are advertising their pets as Pedigrees, but when people have gone to buy the pet, the seller has made excuses and said they will post on the pedigree papers. NEVER pay for a KC registered dog or pedigree cat if they dont have the certificates as you may never receive them.
  • Be wary of outlets offering more than one or two breeds
  • When visiting the seller note the surroundings and never go alone
  • Visit the puppy or kitten more than once
  • The breeder should want to know about you too
  • Ask to see the puppy or kittens mother - be very suspicious if you can't

Puppies and Kittens bred commercially, indiscriminately and carelessly are likely to…

  • Develop disease
  • Have temperamental problems
  • Be difficult to housetrain
  • Find adjusting to family life hard
  • Suffer physical defects and have hereditary weaknesses
  • Think carefully before buying and do not buy the pet because you feel sorry for it.
  • If you buy from an unscrupulous breeder or dealer, you will be supporting their trade in misery. Every one you buy, another takes it place.

Buying a puppy or kitten in good health is vital for its own well-being as well as your bank balance.

Please read our Pet Advice section for further information before buying a dog. Here are a few very useful articles you should read before visiting any dogs or puppies :

1) Ten pitfalls to avoid when buying a pedigree puppy
2) What paperwork should you have
3) Important Questions to ask the Breeder
4) Picking a healthy puppy
5) Choosing a pedigree puppy
6) Health testing for dogs

Breeders Profile

Delwires Wire Haired Fox Terriers

Pets4Homes member since April 2012

Delwires specialise in Wire Haired Fox Terriers, we only breed Wire Haired Fox Terriers, they are bred for temperament and bred with love. They are home bred and well socialised dogs, we only ever offer puppies from Paddy Power a wonderful dog who sires the very best WHFT puppies to selected bitches. All mating's are subjected to the KC inbred coefficient and all mating's produce puppies with below average inbreed coefficient scores to reduce any risk of Genetic issues. We have extensive photo and video libraries of puppies he has sired and many wonderful comments from both the owners of bitches that have had his puppies and people who have one of his puppies as a family member. We are based in Staffordshire but the litters could be located anywhere in the UK, with puppies being born into the bitches home environment, where they are all very much loved family pets not kenneled dogs, so when the puppies have left the birth home the bitch continues her life as the family pet. When looking for a puppy you need to be very careful and remember that, someone is selling you something! If something doesn't sound right and is cheap in comparison then there will be a reason, a bargain isn't always a bargain! You need to ask lots of questions to ensure you get a healthy well socialised puppy, remember this puppy will be sharing your home and will grow into an adult dog in a short period of time. If you are looking here then a pedigree puppy of the breed and type is what you want, a Fox terrier crossed with anything is a not a this or that it's a mongrel/cross breed and will not be "A" typical of the breed, either physically or in it's temperament! Questions you need to ask are, is the puppy KC registered if not why not? some unscrupulous breeders have 2 litters a year from their dog, this is not against the law as such but the Kennel Club will not and quite rightly allow you to register 2 litters from the same bitch within 12 months of each other. Has the puppy got a weight chart from birth, this is important to show that the puppy has developed consistently over Its very important first weeks of its life. Will the puppy have its KC papers ready when I collect it? some people promise and never deliver and the kennel club are powerless to help after the fact, so ask the breeder, if he is unable to hand over the pedigree papers at the time you collect your puppy will he allow you to hold 20% of the cost of the dog until he is able to give you the papers? Has the puppy been well socialised, can they tell you what they have done to ensure this, have they got any pictures or videos of the puppies at play, to support what they are telling you? Have the puppies been treated for worms and fleas, what treatments did he use (ensure you have done your homework), a schedule should have been established with the breeders vets from about 2 weeks of age? Has the puppy or is the puppy going to come with a vets report on its health and an up to date vaccination certificate? Can you see both parents? What happens if I have a problem with the puppy, do they offer advice and if so for how long? These are basic questions which you need to ask the breeder, if they are unwilling or uncomfortable answering any of these question, I think you should look elsewhere! Remember you generally only get what you pay for! I am interested in the improvement of the breed's temperament and health and increasing it's popularity. I am not against kennel bred dogs but personally feel a correctly home bred and reared dog is the ideal. If you want a quality home bred puppy which has been well Socialised, Loved, in perfect health and from excellent homes and stock then look no further, we offer puppies from Paddy Powers stud activities with selected bitches, the puppies are home reared within a family environment. You are encouraged to visit the puppies from 2.5 weeks of age and give them their one and only name, this will be incorporated in its KC registration, whenever practical. You can visit the Sire Paddy Power at any time with an appointment so you get to see both parents. We only provide puppies that have been Sired by Paddy and born of approved Bitches, in addition to the puppies being brought up in a home environment they will come with full veterinary health checks, first inoculations and be KC registration, be fully wormed and de flead and have an on going worming schedule in place, 4 weeks free insurance and be in perfect health. We don't Microchip our puppies as our vets have advised us that this should not be carried out on this breed until they are at least 12 weeks of age. For more information on the breed look at our main website, website Which covers grooming , temperament and many other topics about Wire Haired Fox Terriers. You can also Google us and find Delwires Facebook page which is updated daily and gives details of what new events and activities are happening. Or contact us via the email and phone number listed on this site. Kind Regards Stephen Delaney

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