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Taller and more agile than its English Bulldog cousin, the American version is a very popular dog to own in the US and does very well in a number of settings, including be a loyal family pet.


Originally American Bulldogs were used for the sport of bull bating and as working dogs by farmers and ranchers who used them as an all-around working dog for many tasks including guarding. The American Bulldog has longer legs than its English counterpart, is faster and has better agility than them as well. A John D. Johnson of Georgia founded the American Bulldog which still exists today. After he returned from World War II found that the American Bulldog was teetering on the edge of extinction as a breed. Gathering together the best examples he could find from across the whole country, he started a breeding programme which has resulted in the dog we know today and has made them an increasingly popular dog in America.


Average height to withers: Males and females are between 20-28 inches at the withers.

Average weight: Males and females can vary in weight up to 54kg, although the males are substantially heavier than the females.

The American Bulldog is a stocky and well built dog with powerful jaws, a large head, and a muscular frame. Its coat is short and generally smooth and it comes in a predominantly white colour and is increasingly seen with patches of red or brindle and can include many colour patterns. Solid black or any degree of merle is considered a fault in the breed.

The eye colour is usually brown, but blue eyes also occur or one dark and one blue eye. American Bulldogs are generally more athletic than their English cousins with longer muzzles and a squarer head and does not possess as much in the way of folds of skin as the English Bulldog either. There is a moderate under bite or 'undershot' jaw as seen in the English version.

Altogether, the image of an American Bulldog is a package of power, strength and agility.


A very confident, social, and high energy dog , American Bulldogs are a popular choice for families given their love of people and the strong, loyal bonds they are capable of forming with their owners.

The confidence grows as they get older from a pup and can turn into assertive and capable dogs that will play very well with adults and children alike, provided they are socialised at an early stage. This is important for American Bulldogs as being quite a powerful dog; they are not always aware of their own strength and could easily knock down a child, more in an exuberant play manner rather than anything more sinister.

This breed will benefit from regular walks with other dogs to aid the socialisation and training process. While the goal of the breed was originally to produce a working farm utility dog, when properly trained, exercised and socialised, this breed can become a great family pet. The tendency towards dog aggression is not uncommon in this breed, especially when they reach maturity.

They do exceptionally well at obedience and are suited to jobs such as guarding. Assertiveness, such as charging, towards other dogs even when outside of their territory is not uncommon. The breed is also noted for having an extremely high pain tolerance.


This is a breed noted for a long and healthy life if its needs are well catered for, living up to and beyond 16 years of age. It is prone to some Cancers and Hip Dysplasia.

Caring for a American Bulldog

Being an average shedder, this breed needs little maintenance and grooming thanks to its short coat. It does require plenty of exercise and stimulation as left to its own devices it can become overweight and bored.

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