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A Cavapoo is the result of crossing a pure bred Poodle with a pure bred King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. These lovely looking cross breeds are labelled as “designer dogs” and as such they are not recognised by any of the major international kennel clubs. Cavapoos are also known as Cavoos or Cavadoodles but they all have the same parent breeds. Typically, miniature Poodles are cross bred with a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel to produce a very loyal, affectionate and good natured dog that is considered to have a low-shedding coat. They are immensely popular as family pets due to their very kind temperaments and cute looks.


Cavapoos were developed to be low-shedding dogs ideal as a family pet for people who suffer from allergies, hence the Poodle lineage. They proved to be very popular even though there is no set look to the breed as such. Their size and colouring all depends on their parents. Miniature poodles are typically used in the cross to create a smaller dog. First generation Cavapoos are delightful dogs to have around and they have proved to be extremely popular as family pets not only in the UK but in the US and Australia too.


Cavapoos come in all different shapes, sizes and colours as these rather depend on their parents and whether or not they are first generation dogs. Their coats boast hypoallergenic properties to a certain degree this is true, hence they are considered to be low-shedders. Coat colours can be solid black or white and even tri-coloured. Their coats can lay flat or they could be wavy and sometimes even curly. When it comes to height, Cavapoos normally stand at anything between 11” and 15” at the shoulder and they typically weigh in at 6 to 20 lbs. They boast a life span of 10 to 13 years.


Cavapoos are renowned for being extremely affectionate dogs, they are friendly and loyal. Their good natures has meant they have become one of the most popular family pets getting along with children of all ages as well as other pets and dogs. Puppies that have been well socialised when they are very young, turn out to be fantastic, well balanced dogs to have around the home. They love to be involved in everything the family is doing and stress out if they are left on their own for too long - which could lead to some unwanted behaviour – namely barking. Because they are quite energetic little dogs, they need regular daily exercise and they need to be stimulated mentally too. Playing with safe toys is a great way to get a Cavapoo to get rid of any energy and because they love being around people, they respond really well to games like fetch.


When it comes to health issues, the Cavapoo is prone to certain diseases they have inherited from their parent breeds. However, not all Cavapoos will get these diseases but it is always good to know about them so you can keep an eye out for any symptoms should they occur. The conditions Cavapoos are predisposed to get as the following:

- Syringomyelia
- Mitral valve disease
- Cataracts
- Hip dysplasia
- Luxating patella
- Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
- Skin conditions
- Epilepsy

Caring for a Cavapoo

When it comes to taking care of a Cavapoo's coat, this does depend on the type it happens to be. However, regular brushing is needed on longer coats to avoid the hair from tangling. Some people like to have their Cavapoos clipped which makes managing their coats that much easier. Their ears and nails need to be checked regularly and carefully trimmed when needed. Cavapoos can be a little naughty when it comes to house training but they do come around as long as no heavy handed training techniques are used on them. They respond well to positive reinforcement training from people who are fair with them and who always show consistency and patience. It is also very important to keep a close watch on their teeth to make sure there is no build up of plaque, and as they get older regular health check ups at the vet are essential. Annual booster shots are also essential to keep a Cavapoo happy, healthy and in good condition.

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