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Another Poodle cross, like its cousin the Labradoodle, the Goldendoodle is a blend of the positive traits from each of the dogs it is bred from. The steady, balanced and calm nature of the Golden Retriever with the low shedding hypoallergenic qualities of the Poodle come together in this intelligent dog cross breed dog. They are not currently recognised by any KC as a pedigree breed.


A very new 'breed' of dog, the Goldendoodle burst onto the scene in the late 1990's around the same time as the Labradoodle. The intention was to create a service dog with the nature and intelligence of the Golden Retriever crossed with the low shedding qualities of the Poodle, for people who required assistance dogs but who suffered allergies due to the hair, dander and saliva often associated with traditional service dog breeds. The breeding programmes took place in the US and Australia alongside the efforts of the breeders who created the Labradoodle.

Since then, both these cross breed dogs have grown in popularity amongst families and as such some more unscrupulous breeders, advertise them as 'designer dogs', and do not pay much attention to behavioural and physical make up of the parents to cash in on the popularity of these dogs as pets.


Due to the unpredictable physical traits gathered from breeding this dog, there is no average height to the withers or average weight information available as this can vary between every dog.

Because the Goldendoodle is a cross breed dog, there is no universally recognised standard for the physical make up of this dog. Pups do not display consistent and predicable traits and as such they can vary in size, height, weight and coat, although the coat is usually classed as hypoallergenic and has fewer odours than that of a Golden Retriever.

Labradoodle coats are varied to the touch and can be tight curls or flatter, silky coats similar to that of a Golden Retriever. There is no standard type and the coat choice is simply a matter of personal preference.

The coat colors include chocolate, coffee, cream, gold, apricot-honey, red, black or silver grey. They can vary in size, depending on the size of poodle used to cross with the Golden Retriever (Standards, Miniature, and Toy).


Like both the original breeds, the Goldendoodle displays the same high intelligence, love of water and generally friendly natures of both of them. Generally, they have proved themselves to respond well to training and are usually very good family pets being friendly with both other animals and children. They are energetic, playful, robust and enjoy playing with other animals and people at any opportunity. They appear to enjoy any mental stimulation and learning, responding well to firm consistent commands and will benefit from a firm leader who they can respect.

Because of this affable nature, they make excellent service dogs and PAT therapy dogs, but are just as at home being part of a family being very people orientated and willing to please their owner.


Like Labradoodles, Goldendoodles can suffer from problems common to their original breeds. Poodles and Golden Retrievers can suffer from Hip Dysplasia, and breeders should have their vet check for this problem before breeding. The parent breeds can also suffer from a number of eye disorders such as Progressive Renal Atrophy (PRA), an inherited disease causing blindness, which can occur in Poodles.

Caring for a Goldendoodle

The low shedding coat requires minimal care, but will still benefit from grooming. They are especially fond of water and having a high energy drive will take any opportunity to swim, go for walks and run. They are best suited to a family who is happy to spend a lot of time outdoor plays and walking with it, as they can be prone to weight gain if they do not receive enough exercise.

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