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The exotic looking Bramble cat was bred by Gary Bramlett in the States and is registered as a breed with the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR). Interestingly Brambles came about by breeding the gorgeous Bengal with the fascinating Russian Peterbald with other selected breeds being introduced into the program, although the desired breed characteristics are now well established. Brambles take their name from their original breeder Gary Bramblett and having Bengal in their lineage, these lovely felines are extremely athletic and agile. The breed boasts having a variety of coat types with the most common being cloud like hair with striking spots on the skin underneath. Their coats are very similar in texture to that of a Wire Haired Fox Terrier which makes it pretty unique in the cat world. Having been so careful in his choice of bloodlines, the original breeder managed to successfully take the best traits from each and the result is a cat with a lovely temperament and personality, a pleasing look and unique textured, marked and coloured coat. Brambles are unique in that they are wonderfully domestic cats that have retained much of their wilder natures


The Bramble boasts a nice lineage namely the beautifully spotted Bengal and the bat-eared brush coated Peterbald. These two cats are the two main breeds that brought about this exotic looking feline. The breed is named after its founder Gary Bramlett who first bred Brambles at his Magnoliachat cattery in the States. Other breeds were used in the breeding program to produce more gene lines and as a way of diversifying the genetic pool but today the desired characteristics of the breed have been well established. Having carefully selected certain breeds in the program, Gary Bramlett produced a unique, larger cat with a lovely temperament and personality. Brambles boast a unique coat for a cat, it's short and wiry very similar to that of a wired haired fox terrier rather than the coat of a cat.


Brambles boast a wire coat that it does not shed. There are many variations in the colour and patterns of their coat but the most usual is a rosette type patterned skin with a thin wire haired coat covering it. In bright sunlight the pattern becomes more visually evident giving it a really striking and very unique look. The breed is larger than a normal domestic cat. Brambles boast rather extrovert personalities all the while remaining a real “people” cat. There's a lot of Bengal in the appearance of Brambles, the breeds have very similar eyes and the same strong natural instincts. They are incredibly courageous and often act more like their canine counterparts than cats. It is very easy to train a Bramble to walk on a lead and unlike other cats, they adore water and will happily splash around in it for as long as they are allowed to. They boast muscular bodies and longer than usual tails.


Brambles are outgoing characters with lovely temperaments but they have retained a very strong hunter instinct with a determined attitude when it comes to catching their prey. They can be mischievous at times and love to play with toys with some owners saying they find their pets as brave as tigers when they are playing with them, yet real pussy cats when they are lying on a nice warm lap. They are athletic and extremely agile with a bit of “naughty” thrown in. One characteristic of a Bramble is their incredible speed – they are extremely quick off the mark and can move at lightning speeds. They are a very unusual breed of domestic cat both looking and in nature, having retained a lot of the characteristic of their wilder distant cousins. Brambles tend to form a very strong bond with one person although they are very friendly towards everyone else in a household. As previously mentioned, they love water and are exceptionally good swimmers.

Bramble Health

Brambles have no known health issues, appearing to boast being an extremely hardy breed.

Caring for a Bramble

As with all breeds of cat, Brambles need to be fed good quality food. A well balanced diet is essential to keep them healthy and happy. It's a good idea to feed them some fresh raw meat from time to time as a treat to satisfy their wilder nature and the good news is that raw beef does contain taurine otherwise known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid – an essential organic acid that's cats can't produce naturally but one which is needed for them to remain healthy. Other than that, Brambles are resilient cats that don't need much grooming either. They do however, love to have company around them and because they are such avid hunters, would not be a very good choice as an “indoor” cat.

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