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10 months, 20 days old (More Info)

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My baby girl Chinchilla is looking for a new family that can take good care of her and can provide a good environment to grow and live in. Her dad is a Tower Beige and mother Standard Grey.
She is very friendly, likes to sleep in a hammock, run in the running wheel, lie in sand dust bath, and eat dry apple and sweet raisin.
Chinchilla does not come with a cage, so prior to purchase you will need a large, secure cage for she to run around in, water bottle and nest/house, a chinchilla's hammock and a 14 or 15 inch diameter running wheel, dust bath, dry food, hay, wood toys safe for a chinchilla.
*Cage with chinchilla cannot be kept in either a very hot or damp area. Chinchillas cannot eat cheese at all. Chinchilla cannot eat any kind of dairy and so cheese is completely ruled out for them. So keep it out of the way of them. Avoid nuts and seeds as these are high in fat.
If you give to your chinchilla a little time, friendly take care, then he will be with you 16-20 years.

Price £110

Please, any questions are welcome.
Pick up from Feltham, TW13, South West London.

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