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Can puppies and younger dogs suffer from arthritis?
21st March 2019
Arthritis is a health condition that can affect both dogs, humans and other animals too, and one that most of us have heard of and often, know someone affected by as well. Arthritis is generally a condition that we tend to associate with aging, appearing most commonly in older dogs and people, rather than in youngsters. Howev....Read Full Article

Spotlight on the Basset Griffon Vendeen: Reserve Best in Show at Crufts 2019
20th March 2019
As March 2019 draws to a close, most people involved in dog breeding and dog showing at a professional level are still relaxing and recovering from the annual Crufts Dog Show of 2019, which took place earlier on in the month at Birmingham’s NEC arena. Crufts is of course widely televised all over the world and gets a lo....Read Full Article

Ten things you need to know about Chihuahuas before you buy one
18th March 2019
The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog breed, and even knowing this, the petite size of such dogs often comes as a surprise to people who see one in the flesh for the first time. This dainty, delicate size and undeniable cute-appeal helps to ensure that....Read Full Article

How to stop your dog from destroying your carpets
16th March 2019
Sharing one’s home with a dog is of course hugely rewarding and most of us couldn’t imagine life any other way, with our dogs very quickly becoming a much loved and highly valued member of the family. However, every dog has their own individual personality and core traits that in many ways dictate their behaviours both with....Read Full Article

Teaching your dog which side of you to walk on whilst on the lead
15th March 2019
Learning to walk nicely on the lead is a skill that dog owners should begin teaching their pups virtually as soon as you bring them home, and how you handle the puppy’s first few walks and experiences on the lead will set the tone for the remainder of their life. It is much easier to avoid and correct problems in the pu....Read Full Article

How long does it take an adopted dog to settle into a new home?
10th March 2019
Deciding to adopt or rescue an adult dog that needs a new home in favour of buying a dog or puppy is a very laudable decision, and thousands of dog lovers every year find their new forever friend in rescue centres and dog rehoming shelters up and down the country. Ther....Read Full Article

Meet the three new dog breeds invited to compete at Crufts 2019
7th March 2019
Crufts, the world’s best-known, largest and most prestigious dog show takes place every March at Birmingham’s NEC arena, this year it is running from 7th March to 10th March and the show itself is often used to introduce and showcase brand-new dog breeds that have received formal recognition and acceptance by the UK Kennel ....Read Full Article

Why curled tails or corkscrew tails can cause problems for the dogs that exhibit them
6th March 2019
Dogs of different breeds and types come in a huge range of different shapes and sizes, and individual breeds often have huge differences between the appearance of the individual dogs within them. One area of the dog’s body that is particularly prone to a lot of variance from breed to breed is the tail – and we&rsq....Read Full Article

Pets4Homes announces the most popular hound dog breeds in the UK
5th March 2019
The word “hound” is one that not all dog lovers fully understand, and in some instances, this word is simply used interchangeably with the word “dog.” However, the word “hound” is correctly used to describe a dog or dog breed that is used for work with hunters, to find, trace or track prey. ....Read Full Article

The pros and cons of Long Faced Dogs (dolichocephalic)
5th March 2019
Much has been written about flat faced dogs (brachycephalic) in the media, a lot of which is detrimental to the various breeds. But you won’t see much regarding our ‘long snouted friends’, but these dogs do have their own set of problems, as well as some outstanding qualities. ....Read Full Article

What are the UK’s most popular pastoral dog breeds, and why? Pets4Homes reveals the answer
4th March 2019
Not all UK dog owners realise that as well as recognising each individual pedigree dog breed in its own right, the Kennel Club also assigns each dog breed that is eligible for pedigree registration to a broader group category. Each of these encompass a range of different dog breeds that all have a number of uniting factors in common.....Read Full Article

What should I do if I think my dog has been poisoned?
2nd March 2019
By poisoning, we mean any form of illness, either externally or internally that your dog may have picked up from your home, garden, out in the woods or almost anywhere. We are not talking about deliberate poisoning. Most dogs are natural ‘scavengers’ and if something looks or smells tasty to eat or rub against, th....Read Full Article

Is rat poison also dangerous for dogs?
1st March 2019
There are several types of poison used to kill vermin, and most can have a profound effect on pets, especially if the poison is ingested. In this Pets4Homes article, we’ll look at the main type that can cause serious problems and the signs of rat poisoning in your dog or puppy. ....Read Full Article

Pets4Homes announce the most expensive gun dog breeds to buy in the UK, and why?
28th February 2019
There are a great many dog breeds in the UK that today are hugely popular pets, but that historically, have a long working history in various different roles that certain breeds are still widely used for right up until the present day. Whilst most dog owners know enough a....Read Full Article

My dog’s gums are yellow – does he have jaundice?
28th February 2019
Finding that your pet has yellow gums, skin or even the whites of their eyes can be pretty worrying. And yes, the chances are your dog does have jaundice. The cause of this can arise from several conditions, and this Pets4Homes article looks at the main conditions which can cause jaundice in your dog. So, what is jaundice?....Read Full Article

What are the most expensive small dog breeds in the UK, and why?
27th February 2019
Small dog breeds as a whole are more popular than large ones in terms of the level of demand for them among puppy buyers, and the number of dogs of different size categories owned in the UK across the board. All of the three most popular dog breeds in the UK ar....Read Full Article

How and why to teach your dog to use a settle mat
27th February 2019
One of the most useful and impressive tricks a dog can know is to settle down in any given place. For older dogs this often comes naturally, but to those prone to running off or those who love to explore new places and say hello to new people, the ability to settle down on command is extremely useful. In order to learn this technique, ....Read Full Article

Pets4Homes announces the seven most popular hybrid dog types in the UK
26th February 2019
The UK is well known to be “a nation of animal lovers,” and a large proportion of households share their homes with a dog – and you can see a massive array of different dog breeds and types out on the streets and in the dog parks of the UK within most local areas. Everyone has their own particular favourite ....Read Full Article

My dog is scared of noises – all noises, help!
26th February 2019
It is not just the 5th of November that can cause distress for pets (and their owners), with fireworks whistling and banging in the night air. Of course, it isn’t just one night either, fireworks seem to go on forever, and then starts again on New Year’s Eve! Unfortunately, some dogs can suffer from noise phobia all year ro....Read Full Article

Pets4Homes announce the most popular gun dog breeds in the UK
25th February 2019
Gun dogs are a group of dogs from various different breeds that were all historically used to assist hunters and shooters to find, flush out, or retrieve prey – or perform a variety of associated roles depending on their particular skills and talents. Shooting parties with gun dogs can still be found across many rural a....Read Full Article

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