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Horse Advice

Search or browse 300 Horse advice articles on Horse health, Horse care and Horse behaviour.

Six questions and answers about horses, ponies and riding during lockdown 2
10th November 2020
If you own a horse or a pony, what you’re allowed to do in terms of riding, caring for them, and meeting their needs during lockdown 2 can be a bit confusing.Added to this, there has been a fair amount of backtracking in terms of guidance on what is and is not permitted for equestrian-related businesses during this time too, p....Read Full Article

What is Equine Herpes Virus and do you need to vaccinate against it?
12th August 2020
There are nine types of Equine Herpes Virus also called Equine Rhinopneumonitis but the most important strains are EHV 1 and EHV 4.  These are the only two against which there is a vaccination.   Both EHV 1 and 4 can cause an upper respiratory tract infection in horses a bit like flu but they can also create abortion in pregn....Read Full Article

What to know about BE
28th July 2020
Is this your first season eventing?  What to know about British Eventing British Eventing is the organisation responsible for horse trials in the UK and if you want to take part in affiliated horse trials then you have to join this sporting discipline.British Eventing offers a range of membership options and s....Read Full Article

Is this your first season eventing?  What to know about British Eventing
12th May 2020
British Eventing is the organisation responsible for horse trials in the UK and if you want to take part in affiliated horse trials then you have to join this sporting discipline.British Eventing offers a range of membership options and subscriptions but there are other things you will need to pay for.How to get started ....Read Full Article

Beware early laminitis this Spring
29th April 2020
After a mild and very wet winter, the grass is bursting through with vigour, in fact, it hasn’t actually stopped growing all winter.  Laminitis will be around early this year so if you have fatties, good-doers or native ponies then you need to start to think about how you will manage the initial flourish of spring grass.T....Read Full Article

It’s just a question of colour
13th April 2020
Coloured horses have never been more fashionable and the appetite for these horses whatever shape or size they are just does not seem to diminish.  A few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to see skewbalds and piebalds in the show ring but now there are classes for them at all levels including county.Coloured horse....Read Full Article

Looking after your horse and maintaining social distancing
30th March 2020
If you keep horses and they’re not housed or grazed on your own land at which you also live, you might be wondering how social distancing and caring for your horse all works. Obviously people who own horses and ponies still need to provide care for them, but how can you do this safely and within the spirit of the coronavirus restrict....Read Full Article

Planning a good emergency kit to add to your lorry or trailer
26th February 2020
With the new competition season looming, servicing and prepping your horse’s transport is an important job.  Keeping equine transport in good working order is crucial for reliability and safety. But is there anything you can do to be a little bit more self-sufficient when you are out and about?  A good emergency kit can mak....Read Full Article

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics
18th February 2020
The Olympics are back and with horses the only animals involved in the Olympic movement, there is considerable focus on managing their welfare in the challenging conditions which will prevail in Japan during this running of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad.Horses are prolific sweaters but there are unique challenges which will be....Read Full Article

Top Tack Tips
5th February 2020
Aside from the cost of the horse and possibly the lorry or trailer and vets bills, the saddlery is one of the most expensive items you will purchase when it comes to your equestrian activities.  So, it pays dividends to look after it and cherish it and there are safety implications too.Here are some tips to help you look af....Read Full Article

Considering an overseas riding holiday this year?  Read our essential guide
23rd January 2020
There is almost nowhere on the planet that doesn’t offer fabulous riding holidays these days.  Your choice of destination is only limited by two things, your imagination and your pocket.Riding in a foreign country is an amazing experience but most riding holidays do have some things in common so if you have never experien....Read Full Article

Treatment options for melanomas in grey horses
9th January 2020
It was the vet, Derek Knottenbelt, he of Liverpool Cream fame, who said it was a scandal that there had not been more research and progress made in treating melanomas in grey horses.  After all, these can affect 80% of greys.What are melanomas?Melanoma is a type of cancerous tumour and one of a few different types ....Read Full Article

Equestrian New Year’s Resolutions to Kickstart 2020
29th December 2019
It’s a proper winter this year with mud, mud, glorious mud so to keep up your spirits, why not take a look at our list of New Year’s resolutions and see how many take your fancy.  Let’s look ahead to a sunny, horsey 2020.Join one of the disciplines, there are lots of ‘try out’ options so you can have a go before y....Read Full Article

The Whip Hand
25th October 2019
As animal rights protestors become ever more vocal at equestrian competitions, the welfare of the sporting horse has never been so closely scrutinized.  Whip rules are tightly managed in UK racing who changed theirs in 2017 but now another sporting discipline has chosen to follow suit and introduced new regulations to take effect ....Read Full Article

How to manage worming your horse
17th October 2019
It is no secret that horses are showing resistance to modern wormers, specifically the Benzimidazole group of drugs.  As a consequence, there has been increased uptake on the ivermectin based products and also Moxidectin.There are currently no plans to introduce new anthelmintic products i.e. wormers and so what is availabl....Read Full Article

What is the best way to travel your horse?
9th October 2019
The main options to travel a horse are on a trailer with a 4-wheel drive vehicle, a small lorry of 3.5 tonnes or a larger lorry of 7.5 tonnes and upwards.  The best choice for your horse depends on your budget, competition schedule, driving licence and to some extent, your horse’s preferenceLicencesThe law change....Read Full Article

What is Lockjaw (Tetanus) in Horses and should you vaccinate against it?
3rd October 2019
One of the most worrying elements of the current vaccination statistics UK wide issued by the Animal Health Trust is that if only 40% of Britain’s equine population has flu coverage then presumably only 40% or probably even less is also being inoculated against Lockjaw.  This is just as worrying as the current flu outbreak, pote....Read Full Article

Horse Owners - Are you ready for winter?
24th September 2019
As the days shorten and the light fades, all horse owners know that winter lies ahead, are you ready and prepared?  Take a look at our handy winter guide and check out whether your preparations are on target for the colder months ahead.Clothing for you and your horseWash, repair and reproof all your rugs. ....Read Full Article

Horse Boots, bandages or nothing at all – what is the best option?
14th September 2019
If you mention equine leg protection, you are almost certain to start a heated debate!  Almost everyone has a view and if they do subscribe to protective legwear then a preference about which is the best to use is likely to cause disagreement.Horses wear protection on their legs in certain circumstances such as travelling a....Read Full Article

How to prevent your horse from getting laminitis
20th August 2019
This year, there seems to have been more laminitis about than ever before.  Was it because of the mild winter and horses arriving in springtime simply carrying more weight? Do you realise that 90% of laminitis cases have an underlying hormonal cause such as Equine Cushing’s Disease or Equine Metabolic Syndrome or EMS....Read Full Article

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