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Dog Advice

Search or browse 3,876 Dog advice articles on Dog health, Dog care and Dog behaviour.

How to choose a dog walker
30th May 2012
We all love our pets and want to spend as much time with them as possible. However, there's no getting away from the fact that holidays or work, as well as the unexpected curve balls life throws from time to time, mean that many people need to consider a little extra help with caring for their dog now and then. Pet sitters a....Read Full Article

Obesity in Dogs
25th May 2012
Obesity in dogs is one of the fastest growing pet health issues today; however it is also one of the most preventable. The cause of obesity is simple - the intake of energy (food) is greater than the energy used (exercise). This deposits excess fat over the body creating the condition of being overweight, as it would in a human. Thi....Read Full Article

Dogs and Water......Have fun, stay safe
24th May 2012
As the summer days loom, it is natural that many dogs like to play and cool down in water - with or without their owners! At the first sight of a sunny day, many of us are tempted to hot foot it to the nearest beach or river for a refreshing dip. Swimming is a great way for your dog to stay fit and active as it is low impact....Read Full Article

Essential ear cleaning - a dog owners guide
19th May 2012
If you are familiar with dogs, you will know that ears come in all shapes and sizes depending on the breed of the dog. But whether you have a Spaniel with long, lobular, pendent ears, a terrier type with small prick ears, they are one of the most prolific areas on your dogs' body for breeding areas of all sorts of nasties...... ....Read Full Article

Canine Flyball for beginners
19th May 2012
Flyball is a relatively new canine sport to the UK and is a fast, fun, furious and addictive team sport which both you and your dog will enjoy. After its UK debut at Crufts in 1990, Flyball clubs quickly sprang up over the UK and a regular following ensued, making it one of the most popular canine sports in the UK today. Ess....Read Full Article

Trimming your dogs claws - a step by step guide
17th May 2012
Dogs nails naturally wear down under most circumstances such as daily walks on tarmac roads or hard surfaces. If this is not the case and your dog mainly gets walked on softer surfaces such as sand or grass, then they will need a hand from you to keep their nails in check. You will know when the nails are excessively long as you may ....Read Full Article

Guidelines to Feeding Your Puppy
16th May 2012
Feeding an adult dog is a fairly straight-forward matter, however getting a puppy's diet right is a far more complicated issue, especially with all the conflicting advice on the internet. If you are buying a puppy from a breeder ensure that the puppy is at least 8 weeks old. Puppies any younger than this are not ready to leave their mo....Read Full Article

Tail Docking in Dogs
14th May 2012
There are many breeds of dog which traditionally had their tails docked such as some Spaniels, Doberman Pinchers, most Terrier types and Rottweilers. However, in 2007 this was effectively banned in the UK, with some permitted exceptions*. This ban also extended to the showing of some dogs with docked tails, with the exception of dogs....Read Full Article

Babies and dogs... Introducing your Dog to your new Baby
12th May 2012
If you are expecting to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet very soon or planning to, first of all congratulations! This is a very exciting time for all the family - a time of joy, adventure and a new journey for everyone. However, if you have already heard the pitter patter of tiny paws around the house, you may have some questions ....Read Full Article

Dental care for dogs
2nd May 2012
You might not think it, but your best friend needs his teeth caring for just as much as you do! Canine dental care, is often overlooked and while many people just seem to expect that dogs just have bad breath, this need not be the case. Digestion of food starts with the teeth and the mouth so a good set of gnashers is essent....Read Full Article

The Benefits of Homemade Dog Food
23rd April 2012
There is an overwhelming choice of dog food brands to choose from in the supermarket which are convenient and reasonably priced. If you glance at the labels then you will notice there are a variety of appetizing recipes and types tailored to specific health conditions; so with this is in mind why should you bother going to the trouble ....Read Full Article

Best Dog Breeds for Families
18th April 2012
Whatever your reasons are for adding a dog to your family, it is an important decision that should be not made on a whim and deserves research to make sure you make the right choice of dog breed for you, your family and lifestyle. For the most part, children and dogs form great bonds and friendships that benefit both beyond w....Read Full Article

Lifetime Costs of Dog Ownership
17th April 2012
There are currently over 7 million dogs owned in the UK , overtaking cats as Britain's most popular pet. The fun, love, bond and devotion experienced by dog owners from their beloved pet is unbelievable, almost to the point where you cannot put a price on it. But if you did how much do you think it would cost in hard pounds and pence....Read Full Article

Feeding and nutrition of senior dogs
23rd March 2012
Your 4 legged friend can live to a grand old age, and certainly dogs are living to a much older old then they did even just 40 years ago. In part, this is due to better access to veterinary care, improved vaccines and an greater understanding of the nutritional needs of a dog. As a dog ages, it undergoes physiological chang....Read Full Article

Pass-Pawt needed......?
23rd March 2012
Are you planning a day out, trip or holiday? Home or abroad? Camping or hotel? Car or plane? Taking your dog? The questions are, of course, endless and this is one you will have asked yourself if your dog is a much loved part of the family. Travelling, taking a trip or holiday with your dog can be lots of fun providing you take t....Read Full Article

Thinking about getting a Puppy?
22nd March 2012
Thinking about buying a Puppy? Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time and the start of a new adventure for both you and your pup. But your life will change when the pitter - patter of tiny paws are heard, and suddenly you will be responsible for all aspects of the care of a living, breathing animal. Your puppy will,....Read Full Article

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