Linda S.
Warwick, Warwickshire
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Apr 2013
I work Bracco Italianos in the shooting field and field trial them and breed a litter a year. My kennel club prefix is Sazmallin.

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Braccorians Knock Out at Sazmallin 17

Warwick, Warwickshire
REKO is a stunning chestnut and white dog that has come into my household and is now standing at stud. His pedigree is second to none and full of working and show champions. He is hip and elbow scored with excellent results. Sire is Absolute Champion Tobia Dei Sanchi, this dog is an It
  3 days ago
Lovely Orange Pup 20

Warwick, Warwickshire
Due to totally unforeseen circumstances I have one last pup for sale from large litter. He is a lovely orange boy, that will be very well coloured and will be ready to go on the 16th June to his five star home. He will by then come when called and be nearly house trained. He has two amazi
  3 days ago
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