Professor Pamela Martin
Pamela M.
Brigg, Lincolnshire
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May 2015
I run a small home based cattery and have 2-3 litters a year. I breed TICA /GCCF reg USA lines Champion ragdolls. I have 30 years experience and my rags are very much in demand. All my cats have been genetically tested and free from all known Ragdoll diseases.

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stunning blue Pointed Ragdoll boy 3

Brigg, Lincolnshire
Sami is a young blue pointed male ragdoll. He did not have the best start in life as he was somewhat neglected. He has blossomed with the care and attention he has received. He has been a willing gentle stud, but he is not registered so will be neutered middle of next week but can be viewe
  4 days ago
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