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Nicki W.
Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Member Since
Nov 2017
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Breeder / Frequent Advertiser

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3 days ago

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'Nicki' currently has the following 2 pet listings.
O violaceopes (Singapore blue) reduced! 2

O Violaceopes Singapore Blue Reduced

Didcot, Oxfordshire
Juvenile female just been sexed by moult but can’t guarantee 100% Lovely purple colour coming through. Makes some lovely tunnel webs and great to watch. The first photo is the actual spider the second is a Google image to show an adult. She eats dubia roaches, crickets and mealworms.
  3 days ago
P SP RUFUS reduced! 1

P Sp Rufus Reduced

Didcot, Oxfordshire
Juvenile, sex unknown at present as it won’t give up any moults. Beautiful spider taking on adult colours now. Google image as the spider is under ground at the moment. Eats dubia roaches, crickets, mealworms. £40collection, local drop off or next day post £9 extra. Can sell with
  3 days ago
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