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Dudleys Turtles The Turtle Emporium
Dudley P.
Cannock, Staffordshire
Member Since
Apr 2019
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Turtle fanatic 16 years experience keeping over 10 different species of freshwater turtles. I can obtain and supply almost any species of turtle or tortoise. I specialise in the rare and unusual.

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Breeder / Frequent Advertiser

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11 hours ago

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Cannock Chase District Council (View Website)

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'Dudleys Turtles The Turtle Emporium' currently has the following 5 pet listings.
Painted Wood Turtle 3

Painted Wood Turtle

Cannock, Staffordshire
rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni Sometimes called the Central American Wood Turtle, sometimes the Painted Wood Turtle, sometime the Ornate Wood Turtle and sometimes a mixture of all 3! One thing we can agree on though, is it's beauty. It's a tropical species, loving a warm humid environ
Baby Reeves Turtle 3

Baby Reeves Turtle

Cannock, Staffordshire
Mauremys Reevesii - Chinese Three Keeled Pond Turtle also known as the Reeves Turtle. This is a species native to ponds and marshes of China.  Not large open water swimmers these turtles like lots of things to climb on under the surface, they will bask and explore a land area. 
Baby loggerhead musk turtles 2

Baby Loggerhead Musk Turtles

Cannock, Staffordshire
sternotherus minor minor  Hatchling Loggerhead Musk Turtles A slightly chunkier version of the Common Musk, or Stinkpot, these guys have beautifully mottled skin and a large head compared to other Musk species.  Preferring to walk and climb rather than swim, you need to fact
Horsfields tortoise 5

Horsfields Tortoise

Cannock, Staffordshire
baby horsfield tortoises approximately 2.5 inch straight carapace length. Adults reach 6.5 to 8 inches depending on sex. This lovely little species will need a tortoise table, not a vivarium, with as much space as you can manage. A substrate of topsoil and a diet of weeds. A 30 degree
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