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Pets Age : 4 months, 2 days old.

Advert Description : Due to us having a very successful breeding season this year we are able to lower the price of our baby African grey babies to £725 if a full set up is bought at the same time, you need to purchase the following items,

1 x Parrot Cage, You Can Choose From 3 Different Cages -
Cage 1 - £165, Cage 2 - £195, Cage 3 - £205
(Cage Measurements Are At The Bottom Of The Page)

3 x Jumbo Parrot Toys - £25

1 x 15kg Sack Of Tropical Parrot Seed Mix - £35

1 x Premium Parrot Transporting Cage - £35

1 x Table Top Parrot Stand - £40

Total Price -
Cage Deal 1 - £1,025
Cage Deal 2 - £1,055
Cage Deal 3 - £1,065

If you do not wish to purchase all of the above our baby African greys are £850 each

Baby African Grey Parrots For Sale

I’m a hobby breeder of African grey parrots, all of my babies are hand reared and very tame and have been brought up around children, cats and dogs which makes the babies very socialised and tame with anyone.

I’m also a member of the parrot society and have been for many years.

All babies are closed rung and come with a hatch certificate, care sheets and full after care/advice if ever needed after you purchase you baby from us.

Babies usually start whistling and beginning to talk before they leave us.

Your baby will be weaned onto fruit and vegetables and a good quality seed mix which we also sell in large 15kg sacks if you wanted to buy one at the same time as your baby.

Babies are 12-13 weeks old when they are weaned and ready to go to new homes.

We have male and female babies available now.

All of my babies come from a smoke free home and have never been around toxic hazards such as cigarette smoke.

I would always recommend buying a brand new parrot cage rather than buying a second hand one because there could be hidden germs and dust particles which could spread infection or disease to your new baby and this could be fatal.

We also sell brand new boxed parrot cages which are also available to buy and collect when you come to collect your baby from us, please see images attached of the cages and the two colours we sell the cages in the cages are

Cage 1 - £165 each

Cage 2 - £195 each

Cage 3 - £205 each

Travel Cage - £35 each

15 Kg Sack Of Parrot Food - £ 35 each

Please call to arrange to view/buy a baby parrot

07518183146 I do not reply to text messages


Baby Parrots can be delivered to anywhere in the UK by a DEFRA registered pet courier for £65

Cage 1 - H 150cm x W 71cm x D 51cm
Cage 2 - H 174cm x W 66cm x D 56cm
Cage 3 - H 176cm x W 65cm x D 61cm

H = Height , W = Width , D = Depth


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Advice when buying a Parrots

Please read the following advice before buying a new pet, you should also read our article on avoiding scams :

  • Read our detailed Information guide about birds for potential new bird owners.
  • NEVER send money to someone for a pet using Western Union or Money Gram, as your money cannot be traced once sent.
  • Ask to see the pedigree papers and ensure the breeder's name is on the certificate.
  • Recently some advertisers are advertising their pets as Pedigrees, but when people have gone to buy the pet, the seller has made excuses and said they will post on the pedigree papers. NEVER pay for a KC registered dog or pedigree cat if they dont have the certificates as you may never receive them.
  • Be wary of outlets offering more than one or two breeds
  • When visiting the seller note the surroundings and never go alone
  • Visit the puppy or kitten more than once
  • The breeder should want to know about you too
  • Ask to see the puppy or kittens mother - be very suspicious if you can't

Puppies and Kittens bred commercially, indiscriminately and carelessly are likely to…

  • Develop disease
  • Have temperamental problems
  • Be difficult to housetrain
  • Find adjusting to family life hard
  • Suffer physical defects and have hereditary weaknesses
  • Think carefully before buying and do not buy the pet because you feel sorry for it.
  • If you buy from an unscrupulous breeder or dealer, you will be supporting their trade in misery. Every one you buy, another takes it place.

Buying a puppy or kitten in good health is vital for its own well-being as well as your bank balance.


Parrots For Sale


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Small hobby breeder of African Grey Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Senegal Parrots please call if you are interested in buying or reserving one of our cuddly tame baby parrots on 07518183146

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