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What standard veterinary care do dogs need?
26th June 2016
Sharing your life with a dog can be highly rewarding for people of all ages and from all walks of life, and for many people, their dogs are one of the family and their best friends too! Dogs provide a lot of joy and enrichment to the people that own them-as well as the sometimes more challenging sides of ownership such as training, hav....Read Full Article

How can you tell if the dog you’re considering is the right one for you?
24th June 2016
Deciding to get a new dog or puppy can be one of the most exciting times of your life, and getting things right means that you will spend the next decade or hopefully much more with a loyal, loving best friend and companion that can really enrich your life. However, picking the right dog or puppy in the first instance is also....Read Full Article

Why do dogs tilt their heads when you speak to them?
21st June 2016
It is a phenomenon that virtually all dog owners will recognise; you say something to your dog or do something that catches your dog’s attention, and your dog tilts their head when looking at you, in a kind of “huh?” expression! Because this behaviour is so common in dogs, it is something that most of us rec....Read Full Article

Why do dogs have whiskers?
20th June 2016
Virtually all dog breeds (apart from some hairless dogs like the Mexican Hairless Dog) have whiskers around their muzzles, and sometimes around their eyes as well, and this is such a pervasive canine fact that it is something that people rarely thin....Read Full Article

What colours and patterns can ferrets be found in?
17th June 2016
While pet ferrets do not enjoy the same levels of popularity as more common pets such as cats and dogs, they are still a common pet with a strong following of enthusiasts that keep them and promote ferret care and welfare. There are lots of different ferret clubs and organisations in the UK, as well as those dedicated to rescue and reh....Read Full Article

Why do dogs pant?
17th June 2016
When you walk your dog, he or she probably spends most of the time you’re out trotting around with their mouth open and tongue hanging out panting, in between periods of running to catch a ball or play! Panting is such a common and universal canine behaviour that often, it is not something that we give a lot of thought ....Read Full Article

Grooming tips for the owners of longhaired cats
15th June 2016
Longhaired cats are very appealing to cat lovers for a whole variety of reasons, not least that they are beautiful to look at and soft and luxurious to stroke! However, caring for a longhaired cat can take a little more time and effort than caring for one of their shorthaired counterparts, and it is important to understand this before ....Read Full Article

Eight top facts about the Boston terrier
12th June 2016
The Boston terrier is quickly becoming established as one of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK as well as further afield, and as these quirky, appealing little dogs become a more and more common sight in the dog parks and on the streets of the ....Read Full Article

What type of pets live the longest?
10th June 2016
One thing that virtually anyone who owns a pet will have to face at some stage of their lives is the reality of outliving their pet and companion, and as a general rule, our animal friends live much shorter lifespans than we as people do. Very small pets such as mice, rats and hamsters tend to be among the shortest-lived of a....Read Full Article

Eight top facts about the springer spaniel
9th June 2016
The springer spaniel is a medium sized, very friendly and personable dog breed that originated in the UK and while they were originally used almost exclusively as working dogs, today they are also very popular as pets. They are vers....Read Full Article

Should pregnant women with cats be wary of toxoplasmosis?
8th June 2016
One very commonly widespread and shared piece of wisdom in the past used to be that pregnant women should not have anything to do with cats, due to the risk of toxoplasmosis, which can harm the unborn baby. Over the course of history, this has led to large numbers of cats being rehomed or surrendered to shelters if their owner gets pre....Read Full Article

Eight top facts about the Papillon dog breed
7th June 2016
The Papillon dog is a small, longhaired toy dog breed that is petite, delicate and very cute, and popular with all sorts of owners from all walks of life! They tend to be quite lively, energetic little dogs that need a lot of love and attention, and they m....Read Full Article

Ten common feeding mistakes made by cat owners
6th June 2016
While cats are not as food-obsessed as dogs and can generally be trusted not to overeat, cats can also be finicky about their diet, what they like to eat, and how they like it to be presented-and if something is not to their liking, your cat may well go off their food entirely. If your cat does not act out or refuse food, you....Read Full Article

Dealing with your German shepherd’s coat shedding cycle
4th June 2016
While there are some breeds of dog that have single layered, short fine fur that barely sheds, and others that have a so-called non-shedding coat that doesn’t really lose its loose fur at all, the German shepherd is not one of them! When it com....Read Full Article

Eight top facts about the Northern Inuit dog - the Game of Thrones Dire wolves
3rd June 2016
The Northern Inuit dog is a large, shaggy-looking spitz type dog that was originally formulated from the crossing of Siberian huskies, German shepherds, and a range of Inuit dog breeds that often vary from case to case. Generally dogs of this type con....Read Full Article

Eight top facts about the Jack Russell terrier
2nd June 2016
The Jack Russell terrier is probably the most popular of all of the terrier breeds in the UK, and these small, plucky little dogs are very intelligent, versatile and lively. This makes them popular with people from all walks of life, from busy....Read Full Article

Eight top facts about the English bulldog
31st May 2016
The English bulldog is one of the most instantly recognisable of all dog breeds, and one that is synonymous in many people’s minds with what it means to be British. Strong, tenacious and slow moving, the English bulldog is one of our oldest bre....Read Full Article

Should you let your cat share your bed?
31st May 2016
When dog owners first bring home a new dog or puppy, one of the first things that they have do decide will be what the dog or puppy is allowed to do and not do-such as sleeping on the beds, or being allowed into certain rooms of the house. Issues such as these are less obvious when it comes to cats, as cats are of course much more inde....Read Full Article

Eight top facts about the French bulldog
29th May 2016
The French bulldog is a small dog from the utility breed grouping that is quickly growing in popularity all across the world, including within the UK! They are a practical size for even the smallest of homes, and are loving, friendly and outgoing, mak....Read Full Article

Why do cats’ eyes glow in the dark?
27th May 2016
Anyone who has been outside taking in the view at twilight or during the evening will probably be familiar with the concept of spotting a pair of disembodied, shining eyes peering out of a hedge or from across the road, only to realise that said eyes actually belong to one of the local cats! The reflective nature of cats&rsqu....Read Full Article

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