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Here we have a Manetos puppy 5 months old. At the moment he is called Eddie but he is very clever & young enough to adapt to a name change. Born at home in a litter of 4.His Mum was abandoned in a building site for 6 months before she came to us. All puppies & Mum have been rehomed except this lovely little boy. He is cage trained & getting there with the house training but is still young so occansionally has an accident at night. He is very loving & enjoys a good play & also lots of cuddles. All vaccines have been given inc Rabies & he has his passport so can travel anywhere in europe with or for his new family. £150 - this is not for profit it is just a donation to contribute to all his vets bills & food & so we may continue to help other animals that need our help until they can find their forever home. I have included some information about his breed

The Ibizan Maneto: a strong loyal little dog;
In 2004 the Podenco Maneto was recognized as an indigenous race in Spain. There is no scientific evidence of how old the breed is, but there are several dogs that resemble Manetos depicted in photographs and paintings from the 19th century.
The breed originated in Andalusia in southern Spain; in particular, the regions around Cadiz and Malaga are considered the cradle of the birth of the Ibizan Maneto race.
The Maneto could simply be described as a Dachshund Podenco; weighing between 8.5 to 11.5 kg. The recognized colors are different shades of red and white. They have the characteristic large upright ears of a Podenco with the characteristic Dachshund legs. They are used for hunting rabbits like their cousin the Ibizan Andaluz. It is believed that the Ibizan Maneto emerged from the medium Podenco Andaluz.
The Maneto is an expert at hunting in dense brush, they are also used in narrow canyons; a are particularly suited for detecting and retrieving the prey, both on land and in water and are often combined with the Ibizan Andaluz during the hunt, as they can go where the bigger dogs cannot. Manetos also often work closer to the hunter than the Andaluz.
But Maneto is not just a hunting dog, they also have a reputation as very sweet family pets which adapt easily to family life. They also love being with their owner and keen for affection. They like to sleep in your bed and your feet warm during cold winter nights, and they will gladly do anything for you as long as they are rewarded with a tasty reward. This is a dog well suited to family life because they are very kind to their own families. Another major advantage of the Maneto their short legs as they cannot use whirling drumsticks come to your face while playing, like their older cousins often do! They are affectionate to their family, but may be reluctant and suspicious of strangers; however their natural curiosity and openness prevails after a while.
It is a very independent and intelligent dog, with a strong temperament and character and probably see themselves as superior to other dogs, therefore it is important to socialise the Maneto with many different breeds.
If you are looking for a loyal friendly dog, then the Maneto is the perfect temperament for you.
He is very effective for hunting birds, especially partridge and quail, and the collection of ducks on the water, he is one of the most important collectors of small game in all mountain areas and areas with dense vegetation and shrubs.
All in all, the Podenco Maneto makes a very good family pet, very intelligent with a good memory, loyal, well balanced and affectionate. Give them a chance.

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