Austrian Pinscher Dogs - Interesting Facts About the Breed

Austrian Pinscher Dogs - Interesting Facts About the Breed

The delightful looking Austrian Pinscher was originally bred as a farm dog, but over the years they have become popular and much loved family pets. The breed is renowned for its affectionate nature, they are clever, smart and very loyal to their owners boasting a protective trait that also sees them making wonderful guard dogs. However, they are one of the best breeds at keeping vermin at bay and this includes moles, which will never be a problem in your garden ever again if you introduce an Austrian Pinscher into your home.

Talented Dogs When it Comes to Pest Control

These talented dogs are masters at keeping rats and mice out of your property whether it's inside or out. They are experts when it comes to flushing any sort of vermin out of their hideaways and will dig up a burrow until they catch their prey which is something they instinctively love to do.

Superb Guard Dogs

Austrian Pinscher's are dedicated guard dogs and will naturally and instinctively protect their territory and their owners. They are quick at letting you know if there are any strangers around whether of the human or animal kind and they do so by barking loudly to get your attention. The one thing you have to watch out for is that your pet doesn't sink their teeth into anyone they don't know should they have the courage to enter onto your pet's territory which means making sure your dog is well trained to come to heel.

Wonderful Family Loyalty

When it comes to loyalty, it really doesn't get much better than with an Austrian Pinscher. These dogs form very strong bonds with the people they love and if properly introduced to strangers, are very friendly offering people a warm welcome when they come to visit your home and this includes saying a nice "hello" to children.

Good With Other Pets

The breed is also known to be good with other family pets but they need to be introduced early and watched for a while to make sure their instinct to hunt doesn't kick in. If they are introduced carefully to other family pets, they will even start protecting them but it all has to be done on their terms and in their own time.

Great To Train

Due to the fact the breed is renowned for being highly intelligent, eager to please, attentive and receptive, Austrian Pinschers are easy to train and learn new commands in record time. They excel in obedience classes and thoroughly enjoy learning things and especially interactive games. The great thing about the breed is they are able to focus well when they are being trained and not be distracted by things that may be going on around them – this makes life so much easier when teaching a dog a new command!

Low Maintenance Canines

Their beautiful coats are really easy maintenance because of their short hair which only requires an occasional brush. Austrian Pinschers don't often need bathing either because they like to keep themselves clean.

Dogs That Love to Run

The breed really does thrive on being in the great outdoors where there is plenty of space for them to run and expend all that energy they have inside them. Austrian Pinschers adore running and will race around for hours on end if they are allowed to. They are not the ideal choice for people who live in apartments because of this. The physical exercise they need paired to the mental stimulation they require to stay happy and healthy, means they are the perfect choice of pets for people who love the great outdoors and who have large gardens for their beloved pooches to run around in.

However, garden fences and gates need to be secure to keep your dog safe and sound otherwise at the first whiff of an animal, they will be off hunting them down which they instinctively love to do.

A CoolCharacter to Have Around the Home

As long as an Austrian Pinscher gets all the exercise and mental stimulation they require on a daily basis, these gorgeous dogs make great pets to have around the home and will be very happy to chill out with their owners revelling in their company when they do.


Austrian Pinschers are attractive dogs that boast loads of intelligence. They are loyal and form strong bonds with the people they love. The breed is also renowned for being great watchdogs and will protect their territory zealously making sure you know when strangers are about. They are a joy to share a house with and make wonderful lifelong companions.



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