4 Alpaca Entire Males

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Mixed Breed
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For Sale
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Private Seller
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1 year, 9 months old (More Info)

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For sale
I have for sale 4 entire male alpacas all friendly and in the process of being halter broken but won't take much such loving natures I have a black/ sable 10 months old , a cream/fawn 10 month old and 2 chocolate 14 month olds

Alpacas are ruminants but with only 3 stomach chambers they cost no more than a dog to feed over the month the eat hay and long fibre feeds as well as Alfa a or hi fi there very easy to look after with simple worming which will be done before they go to there new homes and yearly vaccinations no special requirement regarding holding licences are needed they don't need massive amounts of space and the love and affection you receive is ten fold they are brilliant at guarding sheep flocks and lambs from foxes

Any more info please pm me I will get more photos tomorrow prices start at £200

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