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RagaMuffin kittens for sale

6 RagaMuffin kittens for sale

The Ragamuffin, also known as Ragamuffin, is a large semi-longhair cat derived from the Ragdoll breed that has evolved into a completely separate breed as a result of a split-off that formed in the mid-1990s from the original Ragdoll breeding programme in America. Like her Ragdoll relatives, the RagaMuffin is bred for her excellent temperament and is an affectionate, cuddly teddy bear cat with a completely laid-back nature that can take up to four years to fully mature. One of the first concerns was the genetic health of their stock, which was already in the fifth generation of inbreeding, and so they outcrossed with Persians, Himalayans, and domestic longhair cats, making the RagaMuffin more distinguishable from her Ragdoll ancestors. A RagaMuffin is now a distinct breed and not a cross between a Ragdoll and a British Shorthair (or similar). There is now strictly no outcrossing with Ragdolls, and the UK RagaMuffin Club, formed in 2008, is affiliated with the American RagaMuffin Associated Group and has agreed to breed in this country under the same guidelines. Ragamuffins were first recognised in the UK by the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) in 2010.

Read our RagaMuffin Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

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RagaMuffin cats for sale in Rainham - Advert 1
8 minutes

2 friendly black b/w kitten Rugdoll mum

RagaMuffinAge: 4 months4 male / 2 female
🐾 Adorable Kittens for Sale! 🐾 Looking for a furry friend to brighten your days? Our beautiful litter of kittens is ready to find their forever homes! These little bundles of joy were born on Augu
RagaMuffin cats for sale in Rimington, Clitheroe - Advert 2
Licensed Breeder
7 hours

HERE KITTY KITTY! Fluffy & Friendly

RagaMuffinAge: 13 weeks2 male / 3 female
Super Fluffy and Super tame. Here I have my Ragamuffin kittens. The Ragdoll breed is the most well known breed for being affectionate, been Ragdoll crosses, these kittens follow in the footsteps of t
Fir Trees Poodles & Paws
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RagaMuffin cats for sale in Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees - Advert 3
23 hours

READY NOW! Beautiful raggamuffin kittens for sale

RagaMuffinAge: 7 weeks5 male / 1 female
All kittens have been wormed and treated for fleas. They're litter trained & eating kitten food. They're very tame, loving and friendly, and have been raised alongside our family dog. Mum can be seen,
Heather L.
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RagaMuffin cats for sale in Bolingey, Perranporth - Advert 1
1 day


RagaMuffinAge: 3 months1 male / 1 female
We have beautiful purebred Authentic RagaMuffin kittens available to go to their new homes soon, they are available as loving pets on the understanding they are neutered at 6 months of age. It is so m
Filensio Felines
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RagaMuffin cats for sale in Edgware - Advert 2
3 weeks

The sweetest kitten - 5 MONTHS OLD

RagaMuffinAge: 6 months1 male
The sweetest kitten, used to being around children and has never been outdoors. black & white fluffy ragamuffin. The last of his litter.
Catia M.
RagaMuffin cats for sale in Golborne, Warrington - Advert 3
3 weeks


RagaMuffinAge: 5 months3 female
I have 1 girl kittens Looking for there loving home girls looking for there forever home Pic with red and kept Losing her collar so now shes got a dark pink collar on both mum and dad can be seen
Leanne B.