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Snowshoe kittens for sale

7 Snowshoe kittens for sale

The Snowshoe, also known as the 'Silver Lace', is a striking breed, set apart by its unique coat pattern and brilliant blue eyes. This American-born breed is distinguished by a powerful yet elegant physique, adjustable to various living conditions, making them great for both apartment and house dwellings. Snowshoe cats display a distinctive 'V' facial marking and white 'snow-boot' paws against their primary color variations of seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate points. Their short, glossy coats are minimal shedding, reflecting their moderate grooming needs. Reputed for their smart, playful nature, these cats adapt well in households with children and other pets. These social felines are loving, interactive, and require regular mental stimulation to stay happy and engaged. Their temperament ranges from gentle and placid to active and vocal, making them an entertaining addition to any family.

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Snowshoe cats for sale in Elstree, Borehamwood - Advert 1
3 hours

Snowshoe female kittens

SnowshoeAge: 11 weeks2 female
Beautiful snowshoe identical sisters ready for their new home ,eat dry and wet quality food ,used in scratch tree ,toiled trained, dewormd and deflead .Very playful and attached to each other, if you
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Snowshoe cats for sale in North Baddesley, Southampton - Advert 1
2 days

6 Beautiful Snowshoe Kittens

SnowshoeAge: 6 weeks4 male / 2 female
We have 6 beautiful Snowshoe x kittens looking for their forever homes. Dad is a Snowshoe, Mum is a Snow Bengal cross. Both parents can be seen. 2 girls and 4 boys. 6 weeks old, born October 16th. All
Michael J.
Snowshoe cats for sale in Stamford Hill, London - Advert 2
3 weeks

Tabby kitten with white tip tail and toes!

SnowshoeAge: 12 weeks1 female
This kitty is very curious playful and independent. She has grown up with Mum, Aunty and one brother kitten. She bond’s really well but is quite sensitive to big noises and things. A loving and attent
Linda H.
Snowshoe cats for sale in Worsley, Manchester - Advert 3
1 month

Rehoming Diego

SnowshoeAge: 5 years1 female
Looking to rehome Diego, a 5 year old snowshoe Siamese. Diego is currently a house cat due to living above a pub on a busy road. Due to a change in circumstance I am looking to rehome her. She has no
Danielle T.
Snowshoe cats for sale in Dagenham - Advert 4
1 month

One Male Kitten for sale

SnowshoeAge: 4 months1 male
Blue eyed snowshoe kitten, will come with cat carrier, scratch post, litter box and bed. Amazing with babies/kids Litter trained Only selling as landlord doesn’t accept pets
Emily R.
Emily R.
Snowshoe cats for sale in Harringay, London - Advert 5
1 month


SnowshoeAge: 5 months1 male
The kitten is raised in a very clean and full of love family home. He is eager to play and loves human contact.He has a wonderful Rag doll personality, which makes him the perfect companion. The k
sheikh s.
sheikh s.
Snowshoe cats for sale in Ipswich - Advert 6
1 month

Lovely Snowshoe Kittens

SnowshoeAge: 6 months1 male / 1 female
We have some adorable snowshoe kittens. They will be ready to leave by 7th July. All kittens are sociable and have been raised with a dog.