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76 Invertebrates for sale

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Snails invertebrates for sale in Jaywick, Clacton-on-Sea - Advert 1
8 hours

Albino Giant African land snails and eggs

SnailsAge: 5 monthsMixed
laid on the 09/10/2023 brilliant pets for all ages, easy to keep and feed. Parents are around 4/5 years old (not for sale) p&p £4
SARAH L.ID verified
Spiders invertebrates for sale in Newhall, Swadlincote - Advert 2
19 hours

Phidippus Regius jumping spiderling

SpidersAge: 3 monthsMixed
Regal jumping spiderlings L5-L6 instar and growing well thriving on flightless fruit flies £20 next day delivery £10 collection de11 area
Leelee’s T’s And Spood’s
Leelee’s T’s And Spood’sID verified
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Tarantulas invertebrates for sale in Eastbourne - Advert 1
5 hours

Aphonopelma chalcodes

TarantulasAge: 2 yearsMixed
UNSEXED Aphonopelma chalcodes - New river rust rump. Selling as downsizing collection. Roughly 3 inches £25 including RMSD or £20 collection from Eastbourne. Postage is at buyers risk.
Tiffany H.
Spiders invertebrates for sale in Easington Lane, Houghton le Spring - Advert 2
11 hours

Mixed spider bundle FREE

SpidersAge: 10 monthsMixed
Free. all to go together. All with their enclosures HP golden blue leg SAF C Darlingi eastern horned baboon 4-5cm unsexed LP salmon pink 5-6cm female H Silenus Asian forest Scorpion 4-5cm Durham/
Bugtastic reptile rehoming
Bugtastic reptile rehoming ID verified
Houghton le Spring
Tarantulas invertebrates for sale in Dartford - Advert 3
13 hours

Poecilotheria Metallica & Regalis

TarantulasAge: 1 yearMixed
2 P Metallica, one about 12cm and other around 10cm, both been grown from Sling and from their growth rate, appears to be a Male and Female bit I cannot confirm this 100% 12cm - £120 10cm - £100 als
Kieran P.
Kieran P.
Tarantulas invertebrates for sale in Scunthorpe - Advert 4
22 hours

4 tarantulas

TarantulasAge: 9 monthsMixed
All priced with enclosure Pterinochilus murinus, ORANGE BITEY THING. 3” juvenile comes in a 30x30x30cm unsexed Komodo enclosure. £75 GBB green bottle blue, Chrom cyaneopubescens 3/4” unsexed comes
Reece O.
Reece O.
Millipedes invertebrates for sale in Bevendean, Brighton - Advert 5
1 day

dairy cow isopods

MillipedesAge: 1 dayMixed
brought 5 but they keep multiplying!! £3 for 5 £5 for 10 babies and adults available can be clean up crew or just some pets!
Joely H.
Joely H.
Mixed Breed invertebrates for sale in Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne - Advert 6
1 day

10x Panda King Isopods

Mixed BreedAge: 5 monthsMixed
Fully grown adult Panda King Isopods. Finger on picture shows scale. Super easy to keep, they feed on dead/rotting leaves and would aswell as things like apple and fishfood flakes ect. Little spac
The Bug House
The Bug House
Newcastle upon Tyne
Snails invertebrates for sale in Higham Ferrers, Rushden - Advert 7
2 days

5 African land snails

SnailsAge: 2 daysMixed
5 snails and full set up. Please ignore dob on listing as we don’t know this information. These are great easy pets for children.
Lauren H.
Tarantulas invertebrates for sale in Harrowden, Bedford - Advert 8
3 days

[Bulk] Brachypelma/Grammostola Females Collection

TarantulasAge: 8 weeksMixed
Unfortunately I need to sell the following tarantulas. These are to be collected from Bedford and come in their rubs (MK42). Bulk collection only, not splitting. AF - B. albiceps (paired) AF - B. al
Mark C.
Mark C.
Tarantulas invertebrates for sale in Raynes Park, London - Advert 9
3 days


TarantulasAge: 9 weeksMixed
hi i have 2 ts for sale both still very young, ones a salmon pink and other is a mexican red knee. going to experience homes only
charley h.
Spiders invertebrates for sale in Jaywick, Clacton-on-Sea - Advert 10
4 days

Baby jumping spiders

SpidersAge: 3 monthsMixed
Baby jumping spiders £12 per spider or £80 for 10. p&p £6, 3pm weekdays via royal mail 24hr tracking. Breed:Phidippus Regius (Regal Jumping Spider) Born: 10th october 2023 parents can be seen in pic
SARAH L.ID verified
Snails invertebrates for sale in Yiewsley, West Drayton - Advert 11
5 days

Giant African Land Snail

SnailsAge: 3 yearsMixed
I have a Giant African Land Snail called Gary who is looking for a loving home. I rescued him from someone who neglected him and I no longer have the time to care for him. He will come with a tank and
Beth L.
West Drayton
Tarantulas invertebrates for sale in New Crofton, Wakefield - Advert 12
5 days

3 tarantula spiderlings

TarantulasAge: 5 monthsMixed
I have 4 tarantula spiderlings available for sale. For all I can sell for £20,This includes: - Sazimai blue -Scarlett bird eater - Mexican rose hair Can come with a small setup which includes -
Caledonians and Colubrids
Caledonians and ColubridsID verified
Spiders invertebrates for sale in Purbrook, Waterlooville - Advert 13
5 days

Theraphosa stirmi

SpidersAge: 3 yearsFemale
Goliath bird eating spider and enclosure for sale Large adult female Only selling due to my children losing interest
Paul J.
Paul J.
Snails invertebrates for sale in Ellacombe, Torquay - Advert 14
6 days

Super High Grade Albino Giant African Land Snails

SnailsAge: 2 yearsMixed
I have 17 baby snails, that have been breed and raised by me. They are super high quality with amazing pure white to slightly golden bodies, and the most beautiful yellow gold shells. They have been
Amanda C.
Amanda C.
Mixed Breed invertebrates for sale in Wideopen, Newcastle upon Tyne - Advert 15
6 days

Pigmy hog

Mixed BreedAge: 10 monthsMale
Friendly pigmy hog no longer gets the attention needed easy to maintain pet don’t disturb in the day keep warm at all time s
Kimmy R.
Kimmy R.
Newcastle upon Tyne
Snails invertebrates for sale in Keighley - Advert 16
6 days

Baby Albino Giant African Land Snails

SnailsAge: 4 monthsMixed
These babies are currently about 2cm long. They are already eating and growing very fast 100% Pos for albinism. We can ship nationally for £10 postage fee. Started kit - Designer Reptiles snail sub
Designer Reptiles LTD
Designer Reptiles LTDID verified
Tarantulas invertebrates for sale in Mansfield - Advert 17
1 week

Female tarantulas and other inverts for sale

TarantulasAge: 2 yearsFemale
Unsexed giant shield mantis £10 with enclosure Sub adult female jumping spider and enclosure £20 others may come available so please ask...collection only
NICOLA P.ID verified
Spiders invertebrates for sale in Hassocks - Advert 18
1 week

Jumping Spiders I3-I4 Regal Jumping Spider

SpidersAge: 8 weeksMixed
This listing is for one baby jumping spider. These are captive bred The babies are between stages i3-i4. I have a fair few available. Please ensure you are in to receive your spider so they do not get
Zara B.
Zara B.