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Birman kittens for sale

6 Birman kittens for sale

Birmans are known as gentle, affectionate and playful cats, which has made the breed a popular companion and family pet. Known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma", they boast of having extremely beautiful blue eyes and a noble appearance that is paired with a beautiful semi-long, soft, silky coat and their beautiful white paws. These good-natured cats come in twenty different colours, all of which are beautiful. Today, the Birman cat is one of the most popular breeds not only here in the UK, but elsewhere in the world.

Read our Birman Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

Birman cats for sale in Postwick, Norwich - Advert 1
1 day

Beautiful Birman girl

BirmanAge: 6 months1 male / 1 female
This little girl needs a forever home. She is sweet and affectionate and loves a good cuddle. As Birmans are indoor cats, she would be perfect for flat dwellers or home owners of any age.
KAREN D.ID verified
Birman cats for sale in Postwick, Norwich - Advert 2
1 day

Male Birman kitten

BirmanAge: 6 months1 male / 1 female
This gorgeous boy is looking for his lifelong home. He is playful, intelligent and affectionate. Birmans are indoor cats so he would be perfect for old or young people in flats or houses. This kitt
KAREN D.ID verified
Birman cats for sale in Energlyn, Caerphilly - Advert 3
1 week

2 Birman boys for sale

BirmanAge: 4 months2 male
2 lovely Welsh boys looking for their forever home. Playful and friendly, love a cuddle on the settee. Used to living with other cats and small dogs. Mum and grandmother can be seen.
Catherine F.
Birman cats for sale in Croydon - Advert 4
1 week

Beautiful Birman Kittens

BirmanAge: 6 months1 male / 3 female
We currently have 1 kittens left🤗 😽Mum is a blue mitted birman 😸Dad is a pure seal mitted birman registrated with TICA Anna is brimming with energy and a playful spirit. Would turn simple mome
MarryID verified
Birman cats for sale in Church Fenton, Tadcaster - Advert 5
3 weeks

Mixed Birman kittens

BirmanAge: 9 weeks1 male / 2 female
We have three beautiful kittens for sale. They have such a lovely temperament and have been very used to being around two young children. They hold the same eyes as their beautiful mums who is a Birma
Cesca T.
Birman cats for sale in Gravesend - Advert 6
3 weeks

Birman cross kitten for sale

BirmanAge: 6 months2 male
2 birman cross brothers for sale. Can go now. £100 each or £150 for both. Moteher is a breaded birman Cat.
Dominik K.
Dominik K.