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10 Amazing Cats That Travelled Vast Distances To Be With Their Owners!

10 Amazing Cats That Travelled Vast Distances To Be With Their Owners!

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It would be fair to say that cats have many abilities that are still a complete mystery to us, one of which is their incredible talent for finding their way home. The amazing thing is they can do this even if it means covering vast distances to get to destinations they have never been to before. How they do this, we may never know and unlike other animals that use their sense of smell to find out where they need to go, or the stars and sun as a reference point when they're migrating – cats just seem to know!

Below are 10 incredible cats who found their way back to their owners even though they had never been to the places ever before, and to do to get there, they had to cover some pretty amazing distances over rough terrains, forests and other challenging landscapes before they could be back in the laps of the people they loved.

The Cat Called Pooh Who Travelled 200 Miles

In 1975, an America reverend and his wife moved to Georgia from Long Island and had to leave their two year old tomcat behind because their daughter was allergic to the cat's hair. Pooh, was given to a friend but ran away soon afterwards. The following May, the reverend and his family moved to South Carolina, and a year later after this, on 18th April, 1975 Pooh showed up on their doorstep having travelled 200 miles to a destination he had never been to before just so he could be with them!

The Cat Called ChiChi Who Travelled 300 Miles

A seventeen year old cat called ChiChi missed his owners so much after they gave him to their granddaughter, that he travelled 300 miles to get back to them, crossing the Mississippi and Red rivers to do so. This incredible feline covered the distance in just three weeks arriving on his owner's doorstep just in time to share a Christmas dinner with them!

The Cat Called Murka Who Travelled 400 Miles

A Russian stray cat called Murka was adopted by Vladimir Donsov but the naughty cat killed a couple of his canaries so he was banished to live with Mr Donsov's mother who lived 400 miles away. However, two years later, Murka vanished from the mother's home. A year later, Murka reappeared at Mr Donsov's apartment in Moscow, very hungry, quite dirty, pregnant and with the tip of her tail missing. Mr Donsov fed her after which Murka promptly slept for three whole days – content to be back with her owner!

The Cat Called Muddy Water White Who Travelled 450 Miles

In 1985, a cat called Muddy Water White escaped from a van that was being driven by his owner in Dayton, Ohio. Nearly three years later to the day, the pussy cat showed up at his home in Pennsylvania much to the surprise of his owner – he was one happy if very tired pussy cat!

The Cat Called Gringo Who Travelled 480 Miles

A pet tomcat called Gringo vanished from his devastated owner's home in Lamarche-sur-Seine, France in December 1982. Much to their surprise and delight a year later, Gringo showed up at their second home in the South of France – he had travelled 480 miles to get away from the cold winter of Lamarche-sur-Seine so he could enjoy the warmer climate of the Riviera! Luckily, the neighbours took care of him until his owners returned to their summer retreat.

The Cat Called Rusty Who Travelled 950 Miles

An American cat called Rusty made history by setting an all time US record for getting back home to his owners in the quickest time covering an amazing distance! Back in 1949, this lovely ginger tomcat travelled from Boston in Massachusetts to Chicago in Illinois in just 83 days! Some people think he hitched rides on trains, trucks and cars in order to make it so quickly to his destination and back to his owners!

The Cat Called Howie Who Travelled 1,200 Miles

In 1978, a three year old Persian cat called Howie, walked home from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia all the way to Adelaide! It took this amazing cat a whole year to reach his destination and when he did arrive home, he was a bit of a mess, his white coat was dirty and his paws were sore and bleeding, but he was so happy to see his owners, he was actually purring with delight!

The Cat Called Silky Who Travelled 1,472 Miles

Silky was lost by his owners 200 miles north of Brisbaine in Australia in the summer of 1977. A year or so later, in 1978, Silky showed up at his owner's house in a Melbourne suburb looking rather thin and rather smelly, but very happy to be home where he was welcomed with open arms!

The Cat Called Minosch Who Travelled 1,485 Miles

Back in 1981, a cat called Minosch escaped at the Turkish border when his owner was going home for a vacation after working abroad. Then sixty one days later, the cat showed up at his owner's home on the island of Sylt in Northern Germany. The owners heard his scratching at the door and when they opened it, to their surprise found a very tired and bedraggled looking cat – it was Minosch who had successfully travelled some 1,485 miles to get back home to be with his owners!

The Cat Called Sugar Who Travelled 1,500 Miles

An amazing Persian cat called Sugar has to the be the all time winner of cats who travelled an incredible distance to get back to their owners. Sugar had a hip deformity so her owners thought it would be unfair to make her travel by car the vast distance to their new home in Gage Oklahoma. It was decided to leave her with a neighbour in Anderson, California. However, two weeks later, Sugar vanished from the neighbours house, only to reappear on her owner's doorstep in Gage, Oklahoma fourteen months later. This incredible cat managed to travel 100 miles every month to get to a place she had never been to ever before in her life just so she could be with the people she loved!