10 Breeds of Dog with Wonderful Black Coats

10 Breeds of Dog with Wonderful Black Coats

Black has always been thought of as smart, elegant and chic so when it comes to gorgeous black coats that certain breeds of dogs have, it really doesn't get much smarter. There are many breeds that boast shiny, sleek dark coloured coats and below are just a few of these lovely canines!

1. The Delightful Tibetan Terrier

Originally from Tibet as their name suggests, the delightful Tibetan Terrier boasts a lovely, sleek black coat. The breed is well known for being great companions but they are also renowned as very good guard dogs too. Herding is in their blood and they do this naturally and extremely well in their native Tibet, where they are known as Tsang Apso which translated means “bearded or shaggy dog”. Today, the Tibetan Terrier is a popular choice because of their lovely personalities and kind natures as well as their stunning looks!

2. The Charming Scottish Terrier

These little dogs with lovely black coats are really charming characters with lots of personality! Often just called Scotties, they originate from Scotland and are sometimes referred to as Aberdeen Terriers. They are feisty, playful but make very good guard dogs being extremely loyal and dedicated to their owners.

3. The Handsome Swedish Lapphund

Originating from Sweden, these smart little dogs have a lot going for them which includes a smart, thick and dense black coat. The breed was bred for herding reindeer, so they are tough little characters but they do make great family pets! Today, the Swedish Lapphund is a popular choice of pet because of their stunning looks and kind natures.

4. The Smart Schipperke

The Schipperke is a very smart looking character that originates from Belgium and boasts being a very ancient breed that dates way back to the 16th century. Their thick black coats are amazing, being a double coat with a gorgeous fluffy and extremely soft undercoat. The outer coat is much rougher to the touch and gives the breed fantastic insulation against the elements. Over recent years, the Schipperke has become a very popular breed outside of Belgium where they have always been highly prized.

5. The Wonderful Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is a big dog that can weigh anything up to 45 kg which means they need loads of exercise to stay fit, happy and healthy. Their coats are amazing with a wiry outer coat and lovely, lush soft undercoat. The breed has become very popular with people who like to be kept busy with their four legged friends. One thing these gorgeous black coated dogs are not are a “couch potatoes” but rather playful, busy canines that love to be out and about in the great outdoors!

6. The Gorgeous Puli

Originating from Hungary, the gorgeous looking Puli is a pretty unique looking canine that boasts a wonderfully long, dread-lock type black coat. The breed was originally bred as herding dogs with their thick, dense black coats offering them lots of protection and insulation when the weather turned nasty and bad. Today, the breed has found many fans all over the world due to the fact they make such great additions to the family! However, Pulis come in all colours apart from black but they always have the curls that are reminiscent of dread-locks.

7. The Stunning Portuguese Water Dog

The stunning Portuguese Water Dog boasts a stunning black coat and it really makes them stand out in a crowd. The breed is very elegant looking although they were bred to herd fish into fishermen's nets. They were also trained to find and retrieve fishermen's lost tackle and fishing gear and to bring back any broken nets so they could be repaired. These clever and very handsome dogs were also used as couriers to take messages from boat to boat and from ships to the shore so that people on the water could stay in touch with others on land.

8. The Elegant Mudi

The Mudi is another breed of dog that originates from Hungary and they boast a wonderfully curly or sometimes wavy lush black coat. However, their hair on their faces and legs is short which gives the breed a very elegant look. The Mudi is a handsome dog that over recent years has gained a lot of fans all over the world but they have always been highly prized in their native Hungary because of their kind and loyal natures.

9. The Beautiful Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is a lovely looking canine with its smart black coat. They are known as Groenendaels in their native Belgium where they renowned as being hard working and loyal herding dogs. However, the breed is also well known for their kind natures which means they are great family pets becoming valued members of the household!

10. The Gorgeous Barbet

Originally from France, the Barbet is a gorgeous dog with a lovely, tight black coat. They were bred as retrievers and water dogs but today the breed is considered as being pretty rare and not found that often outside of France. Thankfully fans of the breed are doing all they can to keep the Barbet from vanishing forever! They are known for their kind natures and wonderful personalities which is why they are considered nice to have around the home as a family pet.



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