10 Dog Breeds That have Dropped in Popularity Over the Last Decade

10 Dog Breeds That have Dropped in Popularity Over the Last Decade

There are some beautiful looking dog breeds on the planet with more mixed breeds appearing on the scene as the years go by. With these new breeds becoming more and more popular some of the older breeds have got a bit left behind and some of them might come as a surprise to you because in the past, certain of these breeds were incredibly popular for people to keep as family pets or as companion dogs.

Below is a list of dog breeds which were at one time some of the more popular breeds around but which over the last decade or so have fallen a little out of favour.

The Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is a large dog which could be one of the reasons the breed has fallen out of favour over the last ten years or so. Originally bred to hunt big game and as a watchdog, they boast a thick coat which needs regular grooming too. Character wise, they tend to be a little boisterous and very bold which means they need lots of daily exercise to stay happy, healthy, fit and nicely tired. A Norwegian Elkhound needs lots of mental stimulation too because if bored, they can become rather destructive and will bark - a lot. However, they boast charming natures and beautiful looks, they are loyal and enjoy interacting with their owners which is why they make such lovely companion dogs and family pets.

The Chow Chow

Another large breed, the Chow Chow was at one time a very popular dog to have as a family pet and as long as they are well socialised and trained, they turn out to be very loyal and affectionate characters. However, if they are not socialised and trained from an early age, this gorgeous looking canine can become a bit of a handful and can turn a little aggressive towards people. The breed was originally bred for hunting, herding and pulling carts. They are originally from China where they are still very popular because they make such brilliant guard dogs. Today, the Chow Chow is not quite as popular as they used to be with less people choosing to have one of these lovely canines as a family pet which is a shame because they are such charming dogs to have around.

The Keeshond

The Keeshond is a type of Spitz and they boast a very happy-go-lucky personality making them gorgeous family pets. However, the Keeshond loves to be the centre of attention and thoroughly enjoys being with the people they love – all of the time – in fact, this could be a little bit of a problem because if you don't have enough time in your busy life to spend loads of it with your canine friend, then you might want to think about getting another breed which would be far less demanding. The Keeshond will keep you on your toes and if that is what you are looking for in a canine friend, this little character could be the perfect choice.

The Scottish Terrier

Back in the sixties, these adorable looking dogs were popular companion dogs and family pets but over the last few decades their popularity has dropped even though they boast lovely natures. They are intelligent little canines but can be a little naughty around other dogs and they do tend to be a little wary around strangers. Being a terrier, the Scottish Terrier's instinct to hunt is intense which means owners need to be prepared for their pets to chase just about anything that crosses their paths no matter where they happen to be!

The Schipperke

Another lovely breed that has dropped in popularity over the last ten years or so, is the Schipperke. Also known as the "little black devil" and for good reason these funny little canine characters are extremely energetic and they boast a more than average intelligence too. Not the best choice for first-time dog owners, because a Schipperke will run rings around them if they are given the chance to. However, they are superb competition dogs and if there is one thing they love doing is guarding the property of their owners which makes them superb watchdogs too.

The English Setter

In the last ten years or so, the English Setter has dropped in popularity which is a shame because they are such lovely natured dogs. They are gorgeous looking characters with their very distinctive coats all feathered and elegant. The English Setter is a very mellow character that makes wonderful family pet and as long as they get plenty of daily exercise, they are a laid-back dog that's a pleasure to have around either as a companion dog or as a family pet.

The Wire Fox Terrier

Another breed that has dropped in popularity, the Wire Fox Terrier boasts a charming personality but being a terrier, they are also very busy characters, always in to something or another whether it's digging a hole in your garden or chasing down a scent they picked up, the Wire Fox Terrier seldom gives up. They make wonderful family pets and are a heap of fun to have around, they will keep you and the kids busy for hours with their amusing antics so hopefully, this lovely little canine will once again become a popular family pet or companion dog in the years to come.

The Dalmatian

Although the film 101 Dalmatians has been remade quite a few times, this lovely breed is another dog that over the last ten years has witnessed a drop in popularity. They are gorgeous looking characters and boast loving personalities. They were originally bred as a working dog but soon became a very popular family pet– since the mid nineties however, their popularity has waned which is surprising because they are such attractive all round characters to share a home with.

The Samoyed

At one time, the Samoyed was a very popular family pet, they are extremely affectionate and gentle characters and if well socialised and trained from an early age, the Samoyed will be become a valued family member. They were originally bred to herd reindeer and are often described as the "smiling Sammie". They do however, have a bit of a stubborn streak in them which means they do need to be constantly trained with firm but gentle hand for them to be happy and well balanced dogs.

The English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel was first recognised as a breed of its own back in the forties and over the following years, these adorable dogs became one of the most popular breeds on the planet with their adorable looks and lovely personalities. The English Cocker Spaniel is a lovely choice as either a companion dog or as a family pet, they are affectionate, loving and loyal characters that boast being highly intelligent too! This is why it is so surprising that their popularity has waned over the last ten years.

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