10 Lovely Curly, Wavy & Long Coated Cat Breeds

10 Lovely Curly, Wavy & Long Coated Cat Breeds

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There are some really gorgeous exotic looking cats around and some of them have incredible coats. There's the lovely long-haired Himalayan cat and the delightful Norwegian Forest Cat to name but two but then there are the breeds which boast unusual wavy and curly coats that are so appealing.

Below is a list of 10 of these lovely creatures which not only look gorgeous but which make great companions and pets too:

1. The Delightful Looking Selkirk Rex

There's no doubt that the Selkirk Rex is one of the most beautiful breeds around. Not only are their coats amazingly curly but even their whiskers are wavy! Unlike some other breeds that boast curly coats which are often quite sparse, the Selkirk Rex has a plush thick one that makes them stand out from the crowd! The breed originates from the USA and the first cat appeared on the scene back in 1987. All Selkirk Rex cats can trace their ancestry back to one lady cat called Miss Depesto!

2. The Unique LaPerm

Boasting a short curly coat, LaPerm cats come in loads of colour and pattern variations. However, their curls are really gorgeous with the tightest ones being on their bellies as well as their throats, and at the base of their ears giving them a really cute appeal. The breed is unique and not related to any other of the Rex cats, they boast having a gene that's responsible for their gorgeously curly coats. Originally from the States, they are thought to be one of the more hypoallergenic cats around and they make wonderful pets with outgoing characters and very kind personalities.

3. The Gorgeous Devon Rex

As a breed, the Devon Rex is a gorgeous shorthaired wavy coated cat that is renowned for being ultra intelligent. The breed has a really slender body and wonderfully bat like ears earning them a couple of nicknames, being the “pixie cat” and the “alien cat”. They originate from the UK, hence their name. Very often their short whiskers are so curly they can be hard to spot!

4. Cornish Rex

Another lovely breed that originated in the UK, in Cornwall to be precise, is the aptly named Cornish Rex. The breed doesn't actually have any hair as such but rather a ultra fine, soft wavy down like fur which is more like an “undercoat”. The waviness in their coats is caused by a gene mutation. The Cornish Rex boasts one of the softest coats in the entire cat world.

5. The Lovely Looking Turkish Angora

The gorgeously cute Turkish Angora boasts a stunning long and wavy coat. The breed is one of the oldest on the planet and originate from Ankara in Turkey which was formerly called Angora. Sometimes these lovely cats are referred to as just Angora or the Ankara Cat.

6. The Extremely Smart Ragamuffin

As a breed, the Ragamuffin is a newcomer to the cat scene first making an appearance back in 1994. They have become very popular because of their lovely personalities and their gorgeous thick fur which is very much like that of a rabbit. The breed is known to be one of the friendliest cats around, they absolutely adore people and being petted and cuddled.

7. The Stunningly Cute Ragdoll

Of all the breeds of cats around, the one striking feature a Ragdoll boasts apart from their lovely wavy coats is their stunning blue eyes! Ragdoll cats are big and muscular however, their coats are silky soft. They were first bred in the States but have now become very popular pets all over the world due to their stunningly good looks and lovely personalities. They are renowned for their placid and docile natures.

8. The Gorgeous Siberian Cat

First bred in Russia, the Siberian Forest Cat is another breed that's been around for centuries. They are renowned for being very “dog-like” in nature and love to follow their owners around much like their canine counterparts would do. They are known to be smart cats and unlike many other breeds, they love water and like to play with their toys in it. Siberian Forest Cats are very kind natured and love other animals, including dogs!

9. The Himalayan – a Proud Pussy Cat

The coat of a Himalayan Cat is reminiscent of a puff ball – the breed is extremely pretty and boasts the bluest of blue eyes which the breed inherited from its parent breeds namely the Persian and the delightful Siamese.

10. The Ever Popular Persian Cat

The Persian Cat takes pride of place as being one of the most popular cats on the planet which is hardly surprising because they are simply gorgeous looking felines. Their coats are typically long and flowing and their faces gorgeously round with short muzzles and an expression like no other breed of cat around. Persian cats have been around for a long time having first been bred by the English in the 19th Century.


If you are thinking about getting a cat, there are some stunning felines out there to choose from. However, you may like to check a few cat rescue centres to see if you can offer a pussy cat a second chance to live in a caring and loving home. The best way to find out about rescue cats is to visit a few websites, preferably of shelters and centres that are not too far from where you live. You may be surprised at how many gorgeous breed cats end up in centres as well as some lovely moggies and they all need to find new homes!

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