10 Lovely Ways Your Cat Shows You Their Love

10 Lovely Ways Your Cat Shows You Their Love


Cats are gorgeous independent creatures and they soon let you know when they're not happy about something which is especially true if they don't like the food their offered. They also soon let you know when they want to play and will suddenly put on a burst of speed or go into stalking mode. When it comes to showing affection, cats are the real masters and often have novel ways of showing their appreciation of everything you do for them. Cuddling up to owners and making sure the rest of the animal world knows who the people they love belong to, is one of their many priorities and one which they are very good at doing.

Below are 10 ways your cat shows you just how much they love you and like spending time with you!

Pure Feline Affection - Head Bunting

Just occasionally a cat will almost throw themselves at you - head first! This is called “head bunting” which is their way of showing you just how much they adore you. It's one feline demonstration of affection that's normally reserved for the people they absolutely adore. You may have wondered just what your cat intends on doing when they face you and then lower their heads. This is just the preparation for them to lean into you and then proceed to rub you vigorously with the tops of their heads. It's your cat's way of showing you they love you, and very often this action releases what are known as “feel good” hormones in both you and your cat which are called endorphins.

Cheek Rubbing to Make Their Mark

Cats love marking their territory and this includes making sure the rest of the animal world knows you belong to them. They mark their territory by rubbing their cheeks against everything they come across which can be furniture, gate posts and then of course, you. They may rub their cheeks on your legs, hands and against your cheek, and all the while they are leaving a little oil which they secrete from their facial glands. It's a bond your cat creates with you, the person they love the most!

That Twitching Tip of the Tail

A cat's tail tells the world around just what kind of mood our feline friend happens to be in. When it puffs out, you know that something has either scared your cat or they may have even been in a fight. However, when a cat holds their tales straight up in the air with just the very tip of it twitching, that's their way of telling you that you're the best thing in the whole wide world and they adore you!

Pure Purring Affection

Cats purr when they are happy and content. Some cats purr so loudly it can almost be deafening. Cats purr when they are nursing their kittens or when they are just feeling the need to be calm. They purr when they are happy with life as they lie in the sun or by a warm radiator. However, they reserve one special purr which is a full-on rumble and it's their own unique way of smiling and telling you they love you.

​Kneading Means I Need & Love You!

Cats love perching on their owner's laps and kneading away with their front paws which can be a little painful when they dig in with a little too much fervour! However, this is not meant to hurt you – it is just another way you cat is trying to demonstrate their love for you. Some people “in the know” think when a cats starts kneading it's not only their way of showing you their affection, but it also takes them back to when they were kittens and suckling on mummy!

Staring & Holding Eye Contact

Most of the time a cat will avoid any sort of long eye contact both with people or other animals. However, when it comes to their owners this all changes because a cat will hold eye contact with them with no trouble at all. They do this because they trust their owners implicitly. They will stare and blink slowly which is their way of showing you their pure feline love.

Taking Up Residence on Your Lap

Cats love warm places and are pretty good at finding the best spots in a home to have a nap or two. One of their favourite places is their owner's lap which is a lovely compliment for them to offer you – it means they prefer being on your warm lap or next to you rather in that sunny spot on the windowsill on their own!

Cats Kiss You by Licking

Although it can feel a little rough when a cat licks you, they are in fact, kissing you just like a dog would. Only very special people are given this treatment, only the “inner circle” is worthy of being licked by a cat and given a very special grooming session that demonstrates their pure affection. If you have two cats, you may have noticed they quite often groom each other, and if they offer you the same treatment, you are very privileged indeed!

Bringing You Gifts of Every Kind

When your cat goes outside and does what their instincts tell them to do, which is to go off hunting, they will always bring something of one of their trophies back to share with the person they love – which naturally is you! Very often, they will leave a dead “something” where they know you will find it which is not always that welcome – however, whatever they have left you is their very special gift to the person they adore!

That Special Cat Talk!

Cats boast quite a vocabulary which ranges from a hiss to a very contented purr and lots in between. There is one sound they make which is very similar to a chirp and which is pretty high-pitched. You may think your cat is being a little more demanding than usual for some of their favourite food – but what they are really telling you is that they absolutely adore you and are trying very hard to let you know just how they feel!


Cats are wonderful creatures and each one of them has their own unique personality. They have gorgeous ways of letting you know just how they feel about things. A certain look, an angry posture, a whipping tail or ears laid flat on their heads, are all ways our feline friends let us know their opinion on a situation. When it comes to showing their love, it would be hard to beat a cat's many ways of doing this. From purring to kneading, a cat is the master when it comes to showing their appreciation to the people who take care of them!

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