10 of the Friendliest Cat Breeds on the Planet

10 of the Friendliest Cat Breeds on the Planet

Cat owners will argue the point that their moggy is the friendliest on the planet and breeders will debate the fact that their cats are friendlier until they are blue in the face. However, there are definitely some breeds which are a lot friendlier than others and when choosing a pet cat for your family, is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Below is a list of the 10 friendliest cat breedson the planet which vets and animal behaviourists recommend as great choices if you are looking for a family pet!

At Number 1 – The Lovely Abyssinian

It goes without saying that an Abyssinian is a stunning cat in the looks department and as a real bonus the breed happens to be considered as one of the friendliest ever! They are amazing cats all round, they love water and are very good swimmers, they are super intelligent, affectionate and incredibly loyal to the people they love. The only negative about them is they are hard to breed which means they are pretty expensive to buy!

At Number 2 – The Exotic Shorthair

Although essentially, the Exotic Shorthair is Persian, they boast a shorter coat which makes them much easier maintenance felines. They are incredibly gentle characters and they make wonderful family pets. They're loving, loyal and dedicated to their owners – traits they inherited from the Persian ancestors!

At Number 3 – The Delightful Birman

When it comes to a well-balanced personality, it would be hard to beat the Birman. These lovely felines are one of the most “people cats” ever, and they form a very strong bond with their owners. These intelligent cats are inquisitive by nature and love it when they owners come home so they can spend time with them playing lots of fun games!

At Number 4 – The Playful Burmese

There are two types of Burmese, the British and the American and both of them are known for the way they form incredibly strong bonds with the people they love. Burmese adore all sorts of human activities, they are playful and just like dogs, they are very good at retrieving items! Burmese keep their kitten-like traits throughout their lives making them great fun to be around and wonderful family pets!

At Number 5 - The Extraordinary Maine Coon

This lovely, intelligent Maine Coon is not only beautiful looking with their long, thick coat but they are extremely good “ratters” too! They are very smart and form strong bonds with their owners. They love to play with people whenever they can which makes them so much fun to be around.

At Number 6 – The Tailless Manx

Manx cats can be born with different length tails or indeed no tail at all, they are smart looking and smart too. They are extremely athletic felines with powerful back legs which means they are very quick off the mark. Their build also allows them to jump up to pretty amazing heights. People who own a Manx know how strong a bond their cats form with them, loving to spend as much time as they can with them, either playing games or just hanging out!

At Number 7 – The Aristocratic Persian

This real aristocrat of the feline world, the Persian is gorgeous looking and smart too! There is something very dignified about these cats and they are very relaxing to be around. They are loyal, affectionate and over the years have remained one of the most popular breeds in the world to have in the home as a family pet!

At Number 8 – The Loyal Ragdoll

These gorgeous looking Ragdoll cats are wonderfully loyal and so very intelligent. They are one of the best cats to have around the home. They are known for their fun puppy-like traits and learn very quickly all the tricks a dog can do, namely “fetch”. They are among the largest of the feline breeds – some males can weigh in at 15 lbs which in the cat world is pretty big!

At Number 9 – The Extroverted Somali

This is one breed that loves to be noticed and the centre of attention. They are very clever, loyal creatures that adore their owners, some would even give up their food just so they can spend time with the people they love. Somalis are known to remain extremely playful throughout their lives – playing like kittens even when they are adults.

At Number 10 – The Super Affectionate Chantilly

Sometimes called a Tiffany, these delightful and affectionate felines are also some of the most loyal creatures around. They form incredibly strong bonds with the people they love, although they can be a little wary of strangers. These laid back cats are real “middle of the road” characters, they are never lazy nor are they extremely active – which is what makes them so loveable!

Finding the perfect cat can be fun whether you decide to adopt an older cat from a rescue centre or to buy a lovely kitten from a reputable breeder. If you know what their personalities usually turn out like, it means you can make a calculated decision on which breed would suit your lifestyle the best – especially if you have young children and/or other animals in your home.



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