10 of the Friendliest Dogs That Make Wonderful Family Pets

10 of the Friendliest Dogs That Make Wonderful Family Pets

The prospect of getting a new dog is an exciting time, there's lots to organise which includes buying a nice new collar and lead, then of course there's the dog cage for the car, the food and water bowls, the dog bed and a few interesting, interactive toys. However, before all that can be done, you need to sit down with the family to discuss what type of dog would best suit your family's lifestyle.

Below is a list of the 10 friendliest dogs all of which would make great family pets!

1. The Fabulous Irish Setter

This lovely looking canine was first bred to "set game" and over the years has earned a reputation of being an exceptional friendly character and one that boasts lots of personality. From the 18th century, the breed was sought after and today Irish Setters have become one of the most popular choices as family pets due to their good looks, their abundant energy and their clown-like personalities!

Irish Setters adore children and love playing around – however, they do need a lot of exercise to stay healthy, happy and fit. If you have young energetic children, this lovely breed might be the ideal choice as a family pet because they will certainly be able to keep each other occupied!

2. The Super Friendly Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers were originally bred as working dogs, and their task was to help the fishermen of Newfoundland pull in their nets and to catch and retrieve any fish that managed to escape from them. Over the years, this lovely canine has become one of the most popular family pets on the planet. They boast wonderful, easygoing personalities and are very easy to train. The Labrador Retriever adores pleasing their owners and are very gentle around children which makes them such a great choice as a family pet.

3. The Cute Beagle

Beagles are very smart looking little canines that boast real "happy go lucky" natures! They adore the company of people, children and other pets which is why they are among some of the most popular dogs to have as family pets. Originally bred to hunt in packs, Beagles are fun loving dogs that like to get up to a bit of mischief. If you have young children, they are the ideal family pet and one which will keep the kids busy playing all sorts of games – some of which might be quite naughty!

4. The Charming Boxer

Boxers are renowned for being brilliant guard dogs, but they are also incredibly loving and they adore being around people. Boxers need to be loved and it's one of their endearing characteristics. They are brilliant around children and will play for hours albeit a little boisterously. If you have slightly older children, a Boxer would become a valued member of the family. They are incredibly patient canines and will naturally protect their owners and especially the kids!

5. The Cheeky Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terriers have earned themselves a great reputation for being great family pets – they are often called the "Nanny Dog" because they are so kind natured around children. The breed is recognised for being very tolerant when kids are a little tough on them, although as with most dogs very young toddlers should never be left with any dog unsupervised. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are supremely loyal, courageous and extremely intelligent little canines making them great companion dogs too!

6. The Debonair Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bred to be a companion dog, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel boasts an aristocratic ancestry and are often depicted in old tapestries and paintings. They are gentle creatures that boast extremely kind natures which means they are very trustworthy when around young children. As such they have become very popular family pets.

7. The Proud Poodle

Poodles are very intelligent and smart looking canines, they excel when it comes to obedience training. They also boast very kind natures although they are pretty outgoing characters. There are three types of Poodles, being the miniature, toy and standard. If you have a larger property with a nice garden, the bigger Standard Poodle might be the perfect choice. If, however, you live in an apartment, a toy or miniature Poodle could make a wonderful companion.

8. The Delightful Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier has earned the name of "the American Gentleman" due their distinctive colouring. They boast a really gentle nature and are highly intelligent little canines which makes them a great choice as a family pet. They are also a great choice as a companion dog, very happy to spend the whole day with their owners!

9. The Royal Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a delightful little character and are a real pleasure to have around. They boast being one of the best family pets due to their kind natures. They are also very easy to train and are known to be courageous canines that delight in herding anything they come across – including their owners!

10. The Sweet Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Originally the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen was bred to hunt small game and is native to France. These lovely dogs like to be doing things and adore working, they are confident, extrovert characters and need to be kept as busy as possible. They also boast kind natures and love to please their owners which makes them the ideal choice for people who lead active lifestyles!


All dogs are friendly if they have been well socialised from a very young age. However, some breeds are renowned for being kind natured canines that just adore being around people so they can be fussed over. If you are ready to introduce a dog into your home, you need to think carefully before deciding whether to buy a puppy, an older dog or if you could offer a rescue dog a second chance by offering them a kind and loving home. Once you have made your choice, the next stage is to get everything you need to look after them making sure you get the house and garden safe for them too!

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