10 Questions Dog Owners Should Ask Vets

10 Questions Dog Owners Should Ask Vets

There are certain questions that vets would like dog owners to ask them so that it makes life easier for everyone all round and this is particularly true for first-time dog owners because if they had discussed getting a canine friend with a vet first, it would reduce the risk of having a few scary moments and a little bit of heartache.

Below are a few questions you might like to ask your vet if you are thinking about getting a dog or if you already have a four-legged friend but need a little advice.

Where Should I Get My Dog From?

All vets recommend that you get a dog whether it's a puppy or an older dog from a reputable source. Good breeders have very high ethics and would make sure all their breeding stock is disease free and healthy so the puppies they produce are in great condition, would have been well socialised and trained from a very young age. This means they grow up to be well balanced happy characters. You should always ask for a full health history of both parents and a health certificate for a puppy showing they have had all the necessary tests and vaccinations (if they are old enough).

Vets would never condone buying a puppy from a pet shop or a puppy factory because it is just wrong to do so and could lead to a lot of heartache for all concerned.

Should I Adopt a Rescue Dog?

Vets like it when people ask them whether they should adopt a family dog from a rescue centre and will be very pleased to offer all the right advice about doing so and what to ask the rescue centres as well as the type of dog that might suit your family or lifestyle the best.

Should You Get Your Dog Insured?

All too often dog owners wait for their pet to be injured or sick before thinking about having them insured. This can be very frustrating for vets who always like to know that a dog is insured so that if they do need any treatment and more especially one that would be very costly, then at least the owners would not have to worry about settling their bill in order for their pet to be treated.

Is My Dog too Old to Learn How to Behave?

Too many pet owners believe their dogs are too old to "learn new tricks" and often ask vets whether or not they could teach them to behave a little better. The truth of the matter is that a dog is never "too old" to be taught new things but it might just take a little longer for them to get the message. When it comes to behavioural problems, it is far better to persevere and show patience by teaching your dog how to behave and the best way is by positive reinforcement training.

Is My Dog too Fat?

One of the questions a lot dog owners should ask their vets is whether or not their pets are too fat. One of the biggest health issues that many of our four-legged friends suffer from is obesity and illnesses related to being overweight. If you are unsure you should discuss your pet's nutritional needs according to their ages so that you feed them a well balanced and nutritious diet that will ensure they are happy characters that will live a lot longer too and your vet would be only to happy to help and advise you.

Can I Teach my Dog to Let me Brush Their Teeth

Dental health issues in dogs can not only be extremely painful for your dog to put up with but if left untreated can lead to all sorts of other health issues. Teaching young dogs to have their teeth brushed on a daily basis will help reduce the risk of this happening. If you have an older pet, you can try to teach them to let you brush their teeth but if they object, then you should offer them some chewy treats which will help keep their teeth in better condition.

You should never use human toothpaste to clean your pet's teeth as this contains a substance called..........which is toxic to dogs. You should also brush your pet's teeth with a specifically formulated for use on dogs. Your vet would be able to offer you help and advice on how you should go about brushing your dog's teeth.

Can I Give my Dog Human Medication?

All vets would tell dog owners never to use human medication on any pets and this includes dogs. A lot of people think it's okay to give their pet an ibuprofen or aspirin but this is a real "no no". You should never give a dog any medication without first consulting your vet.

Can I Over Exercise my Dog?

Vets are happy when owners ask them if a dog can be over exercised because it usually means their pets are getting plenty of it. Unless your dog is unwell or suffering from some sort of heart condition, then it would be very hard to over exercise your pet, in fact, our four-legged friends love it when they are out and about having fun with their owners.

Is my Dog too Old for Surgery?

A lot of owners with elderly dogs think their pets would be too old to have certain treatments which is a mistake because veterinary medicine has come on in leaps and bounds so even older dogs can be treated quite safely for certain conditions that might require surgery. You have to discuss this with your vet so they would be able to recommend what sort of treatment or surgery would be best for your pet. It would be wrong to assume your dog is too old to have surgery without first discussing things with your vet.

Should my Dog See a Specialist?

Vets appreciate it when owners ask them whether their pet should see a specialist because it means they are looking for every way possible to treat their pets to get them better. This in turn allows vets to focus on just what sort of specialist a dog should see in order for them to receive the best and highest quality treatment in veterinary medicine when it's most needed.


Knowing what sort of question a vet likes dog owners to ask them is important because it means they can offer the right type of advice which in turn means you can care for your pet armed with the right sort of information. If you are thinking about getting a dog and are a first time owner, it is always a good idea to find out where



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