10 reasons why everyone loves the Siberian husky

10 reasons why everyone loves the Siberian husky

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The Siberian husky is a dog breed that has become hugely popular within the UK over the last couple of decades, as dog lovers first began to notice the striking appearance of this wolf-like looking breed, as well as their outgoing personalities!

While the Siberian husky is certainly not what one might class as an easy dog to own-their coats require a lot of attention, they need more exercise than virtually any other breed, and they are excellent escape artists when the mood strikes them-they are almost universally loved by dog lovers all over the country. Even those that are not keen to own a dog of the breed generally have a major soft spot for other people’s, and they are one of the most instantly recognisable breeds that you might see out and about in the dog park.

If you are wondering what’s good about the Siberian husky and why they are so universally popular with dog lovers from all walks of life, read on-and we will share ten reasons why everyone loves the breed!

1. They are bold and outgoing

Virtually all Siberian huskies share the traits of being bold, outgoing dogs that will always be first to the door when a walk is promised, and the last to want to come back in! When it comes to facing new situations, going to new areas of dealing with change, they will be right there front and centre wanting to know what is going on rather than hiding at the back waiting for someone else to take the lead!

2. They love meeting new people

The Siberian husky is a real people pleaser that actively enjoys making new friends and meeting new people. They are rarely shy outside of the home and tend to take things like groomers visits and meeting your friends in their stride, and will often actively seek out people to say hello to and encourage to play with them!

3. They are very social with other dogs

When it comes to other dogs, Siberian huskies are real pack animals and love to live with other dogs, forming strong bonds within their small packs.

They also tend to be highly social with dogs they don’t know, and keen to make friends and find others to play with at the dog park. They can be a little bit too large and rowdy for very small or shy dogs, but if you’re looking for the ringleader in the dog park, look for the Siberian husky!

4. They make for excellent jogging partners

If you like to keep fit and factor jogging or running outdoors into your schedule, the Siberian husky is one of the best possible choices of dog. Not only will they be happy to go running with you, but they will actively enjoy it, and given the breed’s onerous exercise requirements, fit, lively people are the perfect partners!

They will help to encourage you and keep you going, and won’t let you get away with a lie in on those cold, damp mornings!

5. They can turn their paw to all kinds of sports

The combination of intelligence, endurance and energy that the Siberian husky possesses means that they are often a great choice of dog for getting involved in canine sports, and this also helps to give them a much-needed outlet for their physical and mental energies!

6. They are comical and entertaining

While the Siberian husky might look a lot like a wolf at a glance, with their piercing eyes and pointed ears, they are actually one of the true comedians of the dog world, and aren’t afraid of being silly to keep you entertained!

7. They aren’t shy of going out in bad weather

The Siberian husky is definitely not one of those breeds that are reticent to go outside in bad weather, and not only are they more than happy to go out even when it is Baltic outside, they really thrive in the cold! Their build, fur and temperament makes them excellent cold weather dogs, and they also really love playing in the snow!

8. They are very affectionate

The Siberian husky is personable and friendly with everyone, but they are also highly affectionate with their families, and love to cuddle up with their human pack on the sofa after a hard day of running around and getting into mischief.

9. They are so handsome

The Siberian husky’s good looks are undeniable, and it is often this trait that first attracts people to the breed! With their streamlined wolf-like appearance, thick, soft coats, and bright eyes, you would have to go a long way to find a better looking dog.

10. They are gentle when they need to be

Despite their size and confidence, the Siberian husky is definitely capable of being gentle when they need to be, such as when being introduced to children or smaller dogs.



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