10 things you need to know about the Hungarian vizsla before you buy one

10 things you need to know about the Hungarian vizsla before you buy one

The Hungarian vizsla is a very handsome and noble-looking dog breed that immediately looks like something rather special, and they are quite eye-catching and very much in demand in the UK as a result of this.

However, this is a breed that has only really been seen in reasonable numbers in the UK within the last 15 years or so, and up until then these lovely red-coated dogs were quite uncommon on our shores. Their rapid rise in popularity indicates the many great traits Hungarian vizsla have to offer as well as their good looks – and they are an excellent choice of pet for a great many different types of dog lovers.

However, you need to do a significant amount of research before committing to purchasing a dog of any breed, and there is a lot to find out about the Hungarian vizsla before you will know enough about these dogs to be able to buy one responsibly.

With this in mind, this article will tell you ten things you need to know about the Hungarian vizsla dog breed, before you pick a puppy. Read on to learn more.

Hungarian vizslas are highly intelligent

First of all, the Hungarian vizsla is a very intelligent dog breed, which is a great part of their appeal for many people. In Stanley Coren’s ranking of dog breeds by intelligence, the Vizsla falls in 30th place out of a total number of 138 different dog breeds and types.

This makes the breed very versatile and capable of performing a wide number of different types of roles and tasks.

The Hungarian vizsla is quite expensive to buy

The Hungarian vizsla is very popular in the UK as a whole, but they are also quite costly to buy in the first instance. Based on the average asking prices for Hungarian vizslas for sale which are advertised here on Pets4Homes over the course of the last year, the average asking price for pedigree dogs of the breed is £1,008 each, and even for non-pedigree dogs, £776 each.

Hungarian vizslas are a large breed

The Hungarian vizsla is a large dog breed, and males of the breed can stand up to around 64cm tall at the withers, and weigh up to around 30kg. Female dogs are a touch smaller than this on average, but this is still a tall and large dog breed that whilst balanced and lean in proportions, needs a fairly large home and accessories, and a lot of food!

Vizslas are a type of pointer

The Hungarian vizsla is a type of pointer, which is evident from their physical shape and conformation as well as some of their behaviours. Pointers are dogs that “point” for prey; which means that when working with hunters for gun sport, the Hungarian vizsla spots prey and then uses their stance and position to identify the position of said prey to their handler.

They will often show pointing behaviour even when not trained to do so, if they spot wildlife when out on walks that catches their attention!

The Hungarian vizsla breed has some health challenges

The average lifespan of the Hungarian vizsla is around 9-12 years, and whilst large breeds do tend to live for shorter lives than small ones, this is still objectively on the low side across the species as a whole.

The breed should theoretically be a robust one due to the size of its gene pool, but there are a number of hereditary health challenges within the breed that can become further spread due to selective breeding. These include epilepsy, several types of cancers, and a specific type of skin condition called sebaceous adenitis.

Any prospective vizsla buyer should talk to the breeders they are considering about the health of their own breed lines, and participation in health testing schemes.

The breed has a handsome and low maintenance coat

The Hungarian vizsla’s handsome and distinctive coat can only be seen in one shade, usually referred to as russet gold. This is a lovely deep and glossy shade of chestnut red.

Their coats are also short and single layered and so, very low maintenance

They are very amenable to training and are very versatile

The Hungarian vizsla is, as mentioned, a very intelligent dog, and they are also very biddable and work hard to please their owners. This makes them very amenable to training, and they actively enjoy training as long as it is fun, varied and encouraging.

Dogs of the breed can learn and execute a wide range of different commands, and are a versatile choice for a wide range of things from working roles to many different types of canine sports.

They are gentle, affectionate and bond strongly with their owners

Hungarian vizslas are very personable dogs that are highly affectionate, very gentle, and kind in nature. They bond strongly with their owners and look to them for direction, and they tend to be calm and welcoming with strangers too.

The breed is also generally excellent with children, but care should be taken to ensure that said children behave nicely around the dog and don’t tease them or make too much noise and scare them.

The Hungarian vizsla is also quite a sensitive breed

Hungarian vizslas are very soulful dogs that quickly pick up on the moods of their owners and the people around them, and they’re sensitive to change and upset.

They also don’t like being left alone for too long at a time, and may suffer from separation anxiety.

The breed is a good pick for quite a diverse range of owners

The Hungarian vizsla is a smart and versatile dog that can fit in well with a wide range of different homes and lifestyles. Dogs of the breed do need significant amounts of exercise (two hour-long walks per day is ideal) to be happy, but their intelligence and good natures make them a good fit for a variety of different types of owners.

Even if you haven’t owned a dog before, a first time owner who is prepared to do plenty of research to make sure they’re making the right choice could be a good fit for vizsla ownership, and owners who are interested in choosing a dog to take part in canine sports make for a good match too.

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