10 things you need to know about the Springador before you buy one

10 things you need to know about the Springador before you buy one

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The Springador is the rather grand-sounding name for a hybrid dog breed that certainly has a lot going for it when paired with the right type of owner, but this is by no means a good choice of dog for everyone.

If you are looking for a medium to large-sized dog type that is lively, enthusiastic about life, quick witted and great fun to have around, the Springador might be a good fit for you; but this is a dog that needs a lot of attention, and that is by no means a sedentary couch potato type, which means that they’re not a good choice for all prospective owners.

Springadors need an owner that understands them and can get the best out of them, and vitally, that knows what they’re getting into before they choose a pup and take it home, but finding out the facts about hybrid dog types like the Springador is not always simple for first-time buyers.

With this in mind, this article will tell you 10 things you need to know about the Springador dog type, before you go ahead and buy a Springador of your own.

Springadors are cross breeds, not pedigrees

The Springador is a hybrid dog type or cross breed, comprised of the pairing of a springer spaniel with a Labrador retriever. This means that they are not classed as pedigrees, and cannot be registered with the Kennel Club.

Both parent breeds are retrieving working dog types with gundog heritage, and so the personality of Springadors tends to be fairly uniform in this respect; but in terms of looks, these two parent breeds are fairly different from each other, and so the appearance of individual Springadors can be very variable too.

Springadors are medium to large in size

The Labrador retriever is a large dog breed and the springer spaniel medium in size, so there can again be a degree in variance from one Springador to another in terms of size. They tend to be medium to large, but you might find it hard to tell when viewing a litter exactly how large any pup might grow to be when adult.

Springadors are really clever

The Labrador retriever is ranked as the 7th most intelligent dog breed in the world, and the springer spaniel 13th – and that’s counted out of a total number of 138 different dog breeds, for perspective.

This means that he average Springador too is a really clever dog, and they will learn quickly, often work things out for themselves, and are capable of learning lots of different commands if you can motivate them appropriately.

Springadors have very high energy levels

Springadors are also hugely high energy dogs, which will not thrive within a sedentary home. They need at least a couple of hours a day of interesting, varied and lively walks incorporating both off the lead play and socialisation with other dogs, as well as walks on the lead.

Springadors are very versatile

The Springador’s high intelligence and energy levels, coupled with their unique personalities, makes dogs of this type very versatile. They make for great pets for active families, can be great candidates for canine sport, and have the skills for a number of different working roles too.

Springadors are quite heavy shedding dogs

Both Labradors and springer spaniels tend to be fairly heavy shedding dogs, and the Springador too shares this trait as a result. Additionally, both parent breeds are outdoorsy and outgoing and not afraid of getting mucky, traits that the Springador too tends to share – so this might not be the right dog type for you if you are very house-proud!

Springadors tend to be great with children

Springadors are playful dogs that retain a youthful, puppylike demeanour well into adulthood, and they tend to have a particular affinity with human children. Children that will pay them attention and play with them are often firm favourites with such dogs, and the Springador tends to be kind, tolerant and trustworthy around children too.

Springadors are highly personable, social and nice natured as a rule

Springadors are generally considered to have kind, cheerful and honest dispositions, and they are social dogs that enjoy the company of both other dogs and people. They tend to be friendly with even complete strangers as well as loyal to their families, and tend to garner a good reaction from most people, even those that aren’t usually overly keen on dogs!

Springadors are not overly costly to buy and moderately costly to keep

According to our Pets4Homes statistics, the average asking price for Springadors for sale in the UK as of the time of writing (September 2019) was £503 per dog, which is fairly reasonable given their size. In terms of costs to keep, Springadors tend to have large appetites and require all of their accessories in medium or large sizes, so they are a touch more costly to keep than some breeds.

Springadors require a committed, active owner in order to thrive

The Springador is a versatile, friendly and outgoing dog that can be a real pleasure to have around, but they require an owner that understands them and that is committed to providing them with enough exercise and mental stimulation.

They won’t thrive within a sedentary home or without things to keep them occupied, and they like to have a task and something to do, as well as a reliable routine and consistent handling.



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