10 things you need to know about the Sproodle before you buy one

10 things you need to know about the Sproodle before you buy one

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A Sproodle is a hybrid dog type that not everyone in the UK has heard of, and this cross-breed dog is one of a number of popular curly-coated mixed breeds that at a glance, share a number of common physical traits.

Hybrid dog types like Sproodles are really popular in the UK at present, and there are a lot of different options to consider if you’re thinking about picking a dog like this to join your family. However, it is never wise to rush into the purchase of a dog of any type, and you also need to bear in mind that just because certain dog types might looks similar to each other, their personalities and core traits can be very different, and each needs careful consideration!

With this in mind, this article will tell you ten things you need to know about the Sproodle dog type, before you go ahead and buy one for yourself. Read on to learn more.

The Sproodle is a cross breed

A Sproodle is a mixed breed or hybrid dog type, which is produced by crossing a Springer spaniel with a poodle, and the poodle variant used might be either a miniature or a standard poodle.

This means that Sproodles can be quite variable in size from dog to dog, as the two potential parent variants have a large size gap between them, but they tend to be medium sized in both height and build.

Sproodles aren’t pedigree dogs

Because a Sproodle is produced from the crossing of two different dog breeds, even though both parent breeds are pedigrees this means that the Sproodle itself is a hybrid or mixed breed. This in turn means that Sproodles are not eligible for registration with the Kennel Club, and are not classed as pedigrees in their own right. There is no breed standard in place for them either, so no formal agreement on how they should look, or what their temperaments are like.

Sproodles may be a good choice of dog for allergy sufferers but there are no guarantees

Sproodles are generally bred to produce a coat that tends to favour the poodle side of their ancestry, being tightly curled, low shedding, and not prone to trigger allergies as a result.

However, this is never guaranteed and Sproodle coats can be very variable, and every single dog should be considered individually for their effect if you are trying to pick a dog for someone who is often allergic to dogs.

Sproodles are very intelligent

Both of the two parent breeds that make up the Sproodle ancestry are very intelligent dogs in their own rights; the poodle is in fact the second most intelligent dog breed in the world overall, and the Springer in 13th place, so also incredibly clever.

This makes the Sproodle in turn a very intelligent dog, which can learn and follow a huge range of commands in the right hands.

Sproodles need a huge amount of exercise

Sproodles are very energetic dogs, which need to spend significant amounts of time every single day exercising and working off their excess energy levels. If you can’t dedicate at least a couple of hours a day to walking and playing with your dog and letting them socialise and stretch their legs, the Sproodle would not be a good choice of pet for you.

Sproodles don’t shed a lot of fur

Sproodle coats are designed to be low-shedding, and trap the hair that they do lose in the rest of the coat itself.

This gives them a fairly curled coat that can be slightly wiry, although coats can be very variable given the differences between those of the two parent breeds.

Sproodle coats are high maintenance

Low shedding coats are not also low maintenance, which surprises many owners. Because the Sproodle fur that is lost tangles up in the rest of the coat, dogs of this type need regular brushing and grooming to remove it and keep the coat from knotting and tangling, and ideally, should be brushed and combed on a daily basis.

Sproodles can be great pets for active families

The Sproodle is an outgoing, energetic and fun-loving dog type that enjoys company and tends to be very playful. They often thrive as family pets for families that are active and spend a lot of time outdoors, and that have children who enjoy playing with the dog and involving them in their daily lives.

There are quite a few hereditary health issues within the Sproodle gene pool

Both of the Sproodle’s two parent breeds have a relatively high number of hereditary health issues within their wider gene pools, which means that the Sproodle too can inherit a number of potential health conditions that might not become evident until they are adults.

Try to learn as much as possible about Sproodle hereditary health problems and talk to the breeder of any dog you might be considering buying from in detail before you commit to a purchase.

The temperament and looks of different Sproodles can be very variable

Finally, one thing you should never lose sight of when viewing litters of Sproodle puppies for sale is that viewing pups doesn’t always give you a good impression of what those same dogs will look like when they are older. As a mixed breed, Sproodle looks, sizes and temperaments can vary widely, so there is an element of the unknown involved in making a choice, and you must be willing to accept this.



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