10 things you need to know about the Weimaraner before you buy one

10 things you need to know about the Weimaraner before you buy one

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The Weimaraner is a very handsome looking dog breed of the pointer type, with a distinctive and eye-catching steely grey coat. The breed’s good looks alone are often enough to trigger that first initial admiration of the breed that eventually turns into enthusiasm to own one, but the Weimaraner personality is lovely too, which all combines to make for a very appealing package.

However, the Weimaraner isn’t the right choice of dog for everyone, and they are rather more high maintenance in terms of their day to day needs than many other breeds, which all prospective owners should bear in mind.

If you are thinking of buying a Weimaraner or are trying to compare different dog breeds with a view to narrowing down your options, this article will tell you ten things you need to know about the Weimaraner dog breed to get you started with your research. Read on to learn more.

1. The Weimaraner is a large dog breed

First of all, the Weimaraner is a large dog breed and as such they need a reasonably large home and garden, and enough space to move around comfortably.

Weimaraners can stand up to around 68cm tall at the withers for males (a little smaller for females) and can weigh up to around 37kg when fully grown.

2. Weimaraners are highly intelligent

The Weimaraner is a very intelligent dog breed and they’re fast learners, quick witted, and good at working things out.

On the Coren ranking of canine intelligence, the Weimaraner falls in 25th position out of a total number of 138 different ranked dog breeds, which makes them excellent working dogs with a wide range of potential applications.

3. Weimaraners need a huge amount of exercise

Weimaraners are large and rangy dogs and they have very high energy levels too, which means that they need a significant amount of exercise each day to keep them fit, happy and under control.

If you can’t walk your dog for at least an hour twice a day and keep their walks energetic and interesting, a Weimaraner would not be a good choice of dog for you.

4. The breed has a low maintenance coat and they’re not particularly heavy shedders

The Weimaraner is perhaps best known for their beautiful coats, which are a steely blue grey with a handsome sheen to them. These coats are shorthaired and single layered, and so very easy to care for as well as very handsome. They are also not particularly heavy shedders and so don’t make a huge amount of mess around the house.

5. The breed’s health has some hereditary challenges

The Weimaraner’s average lifespan is around 11-14 years, which encompasses a reasonable degree of variance. The breed’s health can be quite variable from dog to dog, and there are a number of hereditary health challenges found within the breed as a whole, which naturally impacts on the health and longevity of different breed lines in different ways.

If you are considering buying a Weimaraner, talk to the breeders you are looking at carefully and find out what health testing protocols they have in place for their own breed lines.

6. They’re moderately expensive to buy and slightly on the expensive side to keep

The average advertised price for pedigree Weimaraners for sale in 2019 is around £907 per dog, and for non-pedigrees, around £731 per dog. This is just a touch higher than the broad norms across all dog breeds, and Weimaraners can also be a little costly to keep as well.

Weimaraner insurance is often higher than that of most similarly sized breeds too, due to the breed’s known health challenges.

7. They are a pleasure to train but do require a fairly experienced trainer

Weimaraners are smart, quick witted dogs that love to have a job to do and they tend to actively enjoy being trained as a result of this.

They do, however, need a trainer that knows how to work out what motivates their dog, how they think, and how to get the best out of them and pre-empt any challenges that may arise, and that can keep one step ahead of their dogs and keep things entertaining for them!

8. Weimaraners might be a good choice of pet if you’re looking for a dog to take part in canine sports

If you are looking for a dog breed to get involved in canine sports such as agility or heelwork, the Weimaraner is definitely a breed to think about buying. Their high energy levels and high intelligence, as well as flair for training, means that Weimaraners tend to take well to canine sport and find it very rewarding too.

9. Dogs of the breed are soulful and quite sensitive

Weimaraners as a whole tend to be very loyal and affectionate dogs that get on well with everyone but that are at their happiest with their immediate families. They require kind and encouraging treatment and positive reinforcement training, and tend to be quite sensitive to change and upheaval.

10. Weimaraners are hugely rewarding to own for the right people, but they’re not for everyone

The Weimaraner can be one of the most rewarding of dog breeds to own, and in the right hands they are very capable dogs that can turn their paws to all manner of skills and talents.

However, they are not the right pick for everyone, and with poor handling or inappropriate training, will become unhappy and even potentially dominant. Generally, a Weimaraner requires a fairly experienced owner, and may not be a good pick for an inexperienced first timer.

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