10 Top Reasons for Adopting a Cat

10 Top Reasons for Adopting a Cat

There are many reasons why people choose to adopt a cat from a rescue centre and there are plenty shelters all over the country desperately trying to unite people with the perfect moggy, whether a pedigree or cross breed. The number of cats that need caring, loving homes is frightening and if you are sure you can offer one a home, you'll find the whole experience really rewarding.

Below is a list of reasons why adopting a needy cat from a rescue centre is such a great thing to do, so they get a second chance of finding the love and happiness they quite rightly deserve.

1. Cats Are Super Independent But Loving Too

Our feline friend, the cat is quite an independent creature, and as a bonus they are beautifully loyal and affectionate characters. Having a cat around is a lovely experience because they don't need all the attention that dogs need. People who work a lot or who live in towns, can adopt a cat knowing they would be fine left on their own during the day – remember cats love sleeping which they do during the daylight hours. When you get home in the evening – they are there, eager to say hello and share a few words, a game or two and a cuddle when you watch a bit of TV.

2. Cats Are Super Affectionate – But Demanding!

Cats are super affectionate – especially around meal times! They adore a cuddle in the evening when they're allowed to snuggle up on your lap, purring loudly with contentment before heading off out into the night on a hunting expedition!

3. Cats Are Super Clean – Washing is Part of Their Daily Routine

Cats are supremely clean creatures, constantly grooming and washing themselves so they look immaculate. Some long haired breeds do need brushing but if you are looking for the perfect pet that's low maintenance when it comes to brushing – a smooth haired cat is the ideal choice.

4. Cats From Rescue Centres Are Already Toilet Trained

Adopting a cat from a shelter and rescue centre means they arrive at your home already litter trained. The only thing left for you to do is set up a litter tray in your home ready for them to use when they first arrive – once they've settled in and allowed outside, you no longer need a litter tray – unless of course you choose to adopt an “indoor” cat, otherwise as long as you have a cat flap your lovely, clean four legged feline companion will let themselves in and out of the house when they need to do their business.

5. Cats Are the Best Mousers & Ratters on the Planet

If you live in the country and have a mouse or rat problem, adopting a cat offers you the perfect solution. Cats are avid natural hunters and will keep the numbers down for you – their scent alone will put off a lot of pests!

6. Cats Are Some of the Most Entertaining Characters Around

Cats are very capable of keeping themselves amused with all sorts of things, toys, cardboard boxes and anything else they find interesting. They adore lounging on a warm windowsill watching the world go by. They are superb when it comes to entertaining the world with their antics, bringing a smile to your face often when you least expect it!

7. Cats are the Perfect Couch Potato Buddies

Our feline friends make the best couch potato buddies ever which means at weekends when you want to lounge around on the sofa watching a favourite movie, your cat buddy will be right there with you. Cats can sleep for anything up to 15 hours a day – so when you're at home it's only normal you should do it together, it means you get to spend some real “quality time” with your cat!

8. Adopting a Cat Means Offering them a New Chance to be Happy

The numbers of cats that need to find new and caring homes is tremendous, so if you can offer a lovely moggy a place in your heart – you are giving them a new chance to live in a happy environment right through to their old age!

9. Adopting a Cat Could Save Your Life

Studies have shown that owning a pet which includes a cat, could save your life. Having a cat in the house can reduce the risk of suffering from things like high blood pressure or some sort of heart disease. Petting your cat for just a few minutes every day has been seen to release endorphins in the brain that release the healthy “feel good” factor!

10. Cats Are Gorgeous Creatures!

The last reason why adopting a cat could be the best decision you ever made, is because they are simply gorgeous creatures to have around. They are easy and show you complete love and affection without ever being too demanding! A cat is truly a wonderful companion that gives so much pleasure while asking for very little in return!


If you can't adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue centre but really do love them, you could always donate a little amount of money to the good cause, whether on a monthly basis or whenever you have a couple of pounds to spare. You may also like to think about offering a “foster home” to a cat which is another great way of supporting all the good work rescue centres and shelters do every moment of the day when they take cats in and then look after them. Apart from the big organisations there are loads of smaller shelters dotted all over the country, and they all need as much support and financial help as they can get to carry on doing all the wonderful work saving cats and finding their loving homes.

You can find hundreds of cats which are currently looking to be adopted from local rescue centres throughout the UKin our cat adoption section.



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