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10 Unusual & Charming Breeds of Guinea Pigs

10 Unusual & Charming Breeds of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs also known as cavies make some of the cutest pets and you can't help but adore them. These amusing and often talkative little creatures have been popular kids pets for a very long time, they've been a constant source of amusement, sometimes naughty, they're terrific escape artists but they are always a lot of fun to have around. There are lots of breeds of these small, active animals some of which are considered pretty rare and others incredibly popular.

The Texel Guinea Pig

Texel guinea pigs are incredibly cute little creatures and they boast a beautiful long, curly coat. The breed was only officially recognised in 1998 and originates from the UK. Texels are a popular showing breed but they make great pets too as long as you have the time to groom their lovely long coats that is.

Their coats need to be hand combed every day to keep them in good condition and the silky ringlets looking like they should. Character wise, Texels are quiet, relaxed little characters that are incredibly endearing which is why they are one of the most popular breeds around.

​The Abyssinian Guinea Pig

The Abyssinian cavy is one of the most popular breeds on the planet with its delightful coat that's made up of rosettes which are gorgeous furry whirls in the coat.

Abyssinians have these whirls called rosettes on each of their shoulders and across their backs as well as rosettes on each hip and across their rumps giving them a gorgeous appeal. The breed does need a lot of grooming to keep their coats looking good and their coats come in lots of different colours but the all of them boast between eight to ten rosettes.

The Werewolf Skinny Pig

Skinny Pigs are great looking little creatures and over recent years have gained a lot of popularity in the UK. One of the varieties is called a Werewolf Skinny which has a down-like fur that grows all over their bodies – occasionally they lose this fur and the only place it does not grow is on the cavies stomachs.

The Teddy Guinea Pig

This delightful guinea pig has a truly lovely, unique coat. It's frizzy, dense and does not need much grooming which makes them not only gorgeous to look at but easy maintenance too.

There are two different breeds of Teddy guinea pigs and they both have their own DNA. When it comes to character, Teddies are very affectionate little creatures with lovely, kind personalities which is why they are such popular family pets.

The White-crested Guinea Pig

White Crested guinea pigs are in the top five when it comes to popularity which is hardly surprising because they are such cute looking little characters although they can often be quite shy.

Fans of the breed know how important it is to put lots of hiding places in their pet's environment because of their shyness. However, when they get to trust you, they do love lots of cuddling. The one thing they really dislike is noise especially if very loud but then most cavies don't like too much loud noise!

The Peruvian Satin Guinea Pig

The Peruvian Satin boasts having the longest hair of all breeds of guinea pigs. The hair is long, silky and extremely lush. All Peruvian cavies have two rosettes on their rumps. These adorable looking cavies were first discovered in the late 1800s and very active little creatures with great personalities, which is why over time they have become one of the most popular breeds to keep as pets.

However, Peruvian's don't make great first time guinea pigs because they need lots of care and attention when it comes to grooming. Their coats are dense and very soft with a parting in the middle of their backs which gives them that adorable appeal.

The American Satin

If you are thinking about getting your first guinea pig, the American Satin would be the ideal choice of hamster to get. They have smooth, short coats which makes them really easy to look after – they don't need much grooming at all but they do like a brush now and again. American Satins come in a variety of colours and are incredibly popular pets.

The Merino

The Merino guinea pig resembles a Texel only they have curly coats which is short on their heads – but they do have a crest type rosette right on the top of their heads too. The breed is well known for its lovely temperament which is why Merinos have become such a popular choice of guinea pigs to keep as pets.

The Coronet

The gorgeous Coronet guinea pig has a beautiful crest and boasts a really lovely long, flowing coat. However, they are not the easiest breed to look after because you need to regularly check their eyes under their long fur to make sure they are nice and clean as well as bright. The Coronet also needs lots of grooming to keep their coats looking as gorgeous as they should.

The Sheltie or Silkie

Shelties or Silkies as they are sometimes called, resemble Peruvian guinea pigs. However, their coats grow very quickly, around an inch every month. These delightful creatures come in all sorts of colours namely, solid, marked, broken, white, self, agouti, Himalayan and tortoiseshell. They do need a lot of grooming but make lovely pets.

Choosing the Right Guinea Pig

When it comes to choosing the right breed of guinea pig, you need to consider buying or adopting two cavies because they are much happier when kept with their own kind. They don't like being on their own and can get very lonely if they are. As long as you know you will have enough time to look after guinea pigs that boast lovely long coats, there are many breeds to choose from and they do make fantastic pets.

However, if you know you just won't have the time to take care of your pet's coat, and remember some cavies need to be groomed every day, then you should choose two shorter haired guinea pigs because they are much easier to take care of grooming-wise, although an occasional brush would be much appreciated by your pets – it's also a great way to create a bond with your guinea pigs and to check them over to make sure they're not suffering from any illnesses!