10 Worst Guard Dog Breeds Ever

10 Worst Guard Dog Breeds Ever

Most dogs whether large or small will bark or get excited if they think there is an intruder around – dogs make great alarm systems. However, there are certain dog breeds that are more likely to stay quiet or maybe even lick a stranger to death rather than attack them. If you are looking for a quieter type of canine, the list below includes 10 of what has to be the worst watchdogs but the most loveable dogs on the planet.

The Old English Sheepdog

In general The Old English Sheepdog epitomises all that's loveable about dogs. They are friendly, gentle and just want to be friends with everyone they meet (there are of course, exceptions to the rule). An Old English Sheepdog adores children, other pets and unfortunately most strangers who they greet with loads of affection! They are not the best choice if you are looking for a brilliant guard dog although they are wonderfully playful family pets!

The Pug

The charming and beguiling Pug is known to be good a tempered, laid back character. They are very clever little dogs hence they are excellent when it comes to obedience because a Pug's mission in life is to please. They like to lead a quiet, relaxed life and they adore all human contact which could include giving a warm welcome to an intruder!

The Irish Wolfhound

You have to be a special sort of person to own an Irish Wolfhound because they do need lots of care and attention. They also needs loads of exercise to stay happy and healthy. Although they will protect the people they love without a second thought if they think their owners are being threatened in any way, they lovely, independent natures does not bode well when it comes to seeing intruders off. This lovely, elegant hound is not regarded as being a very good watchdog. With this said, the Irish Wolfhound has to be one of the most loving canines on the planet.

The Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhounds need lots of space to run around in, which means they are not the ideal choice for people who live in towns. They are very polite characters and they like to lead a nice quiet, undisturbed life. Scottish Deerhounds boast being very undemanding canines that love to run and then relax. They are not big on barking and tend to be just as polite with strangers as they are with the people they know, which naturally means they don't make the grade when it comes to being brilliant watchdogs.

The Clumber Spaniel

The lovely, cuddly Clumber Spaniel is a brilliant retriever and tracking dog. They can be quite naughty when it comes to getting into fridges and kitchen cupboards but this is part of their gorgeous nature. They are one of the best family pets ever with the one drawback being they are extremely good at ignoring strangers! Not the best choice as a guard dog due to their very kind personalities!

The Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is such a laid back character – they may not be the smartest canine on the planet but they are the most loyal! They absolutely love the great outdoors and are very fond of picking up a scent which they can follow. Basset Hounds get on with every body and other pets too – however, they also get on with intruders and strangers so not the best choice for a guard dog.

The Bloodhound

One of the best hunting dogs on the planet, the Bloodhound boasts having an extremely sensitive nose, in fact the best in the canine world. They have wonderfully kind natures and are quite happy to greet everyone they meet whether they know the people or not. They are just too kind to be good guard dogs!

The Saint Bernard

The lovely large Saint Bernard is such a gorgeous character and they make wonderful family pets – but beware they are huge and boy do they shed! However, their lovely kind personalities and their reputation for being “friendly giants” says it all. Intruders may be put off by the size of a Saint Bernard and when they do bark, it's pretty impressive, but with this said your average Saint Bernard would rather have a game with a stranger than attack them. Not the best choice for a watchdog!

The English Bulldog

English Bulldogs used to have a reputation for being aggressive but this trait has been bred out of them over recent years. These days, this lovely, loving breed has a super temperament which is very similar to that of a Pug. English Bulldogs love everyone, children, other pets and people they don't actually know. However, you must not confuse the English Bulldog with the American Bulldog – they make fantastic guard dogs! The English one, however, does not.

The Newfoundland Dog

Another wonderful “gentle giant”, the Newfoundland might be a monster in size but they boast one of the sweetest natures in the canine world. They are incredibly loyal to their owners and love to spend time with them – as much as they can in fact. However, when it comes to guarding things, they are not very good, preferring to slumber on a comfy cushion rather than chase off any intruders – they are such laid back characters!


The majority of dogs will bark if there is a stranger or intruder around, they are a great deterrent. However, where some breeds take their job of seeing people they don't know off, others may prefer to say “hello” to them. If you are looking for a four legged friend that means business, the breeds listed above might not be the best choice. However, breeds like the Doberman or the German Shepherd will soon let people know when they are not welcome!

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