13 Amazing Breeds of Fancy Pigeons

13 Amazing Breeds of Fancy Pigeons

For decades people have been keeping pigeons whether to show or race and we are all familiar with what these birds commonly look like. However, there are lots of really fancy pigeons on the planet, some of which are quite stunning and bizarre looking. For centuries breeders have gone to great lengths to produce these extraordinary birds and some of them are highly prized.

If you have ever thought about keeping pigeons to show or just for the pleasure of it, the list below is of some of the more unusual and unique birds you may have never seen or heard of before!

The Jacobin Pigeon

It is virtually impossible to see this pigeon's face due to the fact they a feathered hood covering their entire head which makes it one of the most unique yet weird looking fancy pigeons ever!

The Chinese Owl

These strange looking pigeons gets their name from the fact they look very much like an owl. They also boast an amazing plumage which is made up of profuse frilly feathers and although quite a small bird, the Chinese Owl certainly has a lot of presence.

The Frillback Pigeon

Yet another quite unique fancy pigeon, the Frillback is a breed that has been developed by very careful and selective breeding over a many years. Their wing shield feathers are gloriously frilly or curly which gives these birds their very unique look. Their foot feathers are also curled which adds to their overall unique and bizarre appearance.

The Barb Pigeon

Also known as the English Barb, this very strange looking fancy pigeon has been around since the time of Shakespeare who referred to them in his works as did Charles Darwin in his Variations of Animals and Plants under Domestication.

The English Trumpeter

Another very weird looking fancy pigeon is the English Trumpeter which over the years has become a really popular choice for pigeon fanciers all over the world and especially in the USA. These amazing looking birds are among some of the most ornamental fancy pigeons on the planet.

However, they are not the easiest birds to breed because of their wonderful tufts, crests and super big muffs on their feet make it really hard to get just right. However, although the breed is called English, it is in fact, a fancy pigeon that has been developed across the water in America so the name is rather misleading.

The Ghent Cropper

Apart from the incredible muffs on their feet, the Ghent Cropper looks pretty much like a normal pigeon. However, they do also boast a superb and colourful plumage which makes these birds stand out from the crowd. The breed has been developed over many years by careful and selective breeding.

The Old German Cropper

The Old German Cropper is another extraordinary looking fancy pigeon that boasts quite weird plumage with its head being completely covered in feathers making it virtually impossible to locate, let alone see! The breed has been developed over many, many years of selective and careful breeding with the end result being a headless looking bird that is quite sought after and highly prized!

The Reversewing Pouter

Much like the Ghent Cropper, the Reversewing Pouter's feet are totally covered with larger than life muffs. However, these lovely looking fancy pigeons also boast very beautiful plumage. The breed has been around since the early eighteen hundreds and originated in Thuringia and Saxony in Italy, but today these extraordinary birds are very popular with many pigeon fanciers all over the world.

The Old Dutch Capuchine

This is another breed of fancy pigeon that catches your eye and although quite similar to the Jacobin with the feathered hood covering their heads, it's their lovely plumage that's so striking to look at too.

The Bokhara Trumpeter

Another fabulous fancy pigeon, the Bokhara Trumpeter boasts an all black plumage with extremely long feathered (muffed) feet. They also also have double crests that completely cover their eyes. The breed is extremely popular due to the birds extraordinary looks and the fact they make a very unique trumpeting sound when they call out to other birds that's very reminiscent of someone laughing quietly!

The Lahore Pigeon

The Lahore Pigeon has to be one of the most handsome birds on the planet with their very distinct and striking plumage along with the long feathers on their feet. The breed has been around for a very long time and are well known for their large size and kind natures. They are not only one of the most popular birds for pigeon fanciers, but they make wonderful pets too!

The Saxon Fairy Swallow

This delightful looking bird is one of the prettiest fancy pigeons on the planet. The Saxon Fairy Swallow boasts incredibly long feathers on their feet called muffs. They are found with lots of different markings which adds to their appeal and they are one of the most popular birds with pigeon fanciers around the word.

The English Carrier

The lovely English Carrier was first developed here in the UK and has the reputation of being one of the largest breeds of pigeons in the world. Originally, these attractive birds were bred to carry messages but today they are among the most popular breeds in the show circles all due to the fact they were replaced by the very fast Racing Homer pigeons some time back. Their “homing” ability has dwindled to nothing over time.


There are many fancy pigeons around some of which are pretty extraordinary to look at. However, one thing that's worth noting is that all of our domesticated pigeons are descendants of Rock Pigeons (Columbia Liva) and that the fancy birds we see today have been developed over many centuries through careful and selective breeding. Some fancy pigeons are quite stunning to look at whereas other birds are really quite bizarre!

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