15 reasons why the Labrador retriever is such a popular pet

15 reasons why the Labrador retriever is such a popular pet

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The Labrador retriever dog breed is one of the most popular and enduring breeds in the UK, and while their popularity fluctuates slightly year on year, they can invariably be found in the top five positions in terms of popularity, and often, firmly holding the top spot!

Anyone who owns or has ever owned a Labrador will know all too well why this is, but if you want to find out more about the breed or are considering buying or adopting one, this is definitely information that is worth finding out!

In this article, we will share fifteen of the numerous reasons behind why the Labrador retriever is such a popular pet in the UK.

They are really smart

The Labrador retriever is an intelligent breed that will quickly pick up new skills and tricks, and that will often learn from simple observation of other dogs. They love to learn new things and really enjoy showing their stuff, and they are commonly seen in the show ring or course competing at all sorts of events from heelwork to agility.

They are a pleasure to train

The various traits that make up the Labrador retriever all combine to make them a really good breed to train, even for the first time dog owner. A dog that is smart will always be easier to teach than one that is not, but on the other hand, the most intelligent dog breeds come with challenges all of their own.

The Labrador is smart enough to learn quickly but not “too smart for their own good,” which makes them just about perfect!

They are lively and energetic

The Labrador retriever was originally used as a working dog, for retrieving downed birds in both water and over land. This trait means that they need lots of exercise and stimulation to keep them fit and healthy, and they are a great fit for lively, active families.

They are very versatile

Part of the breed’s enduring popularity is due to their versatility, and few breeds come close to them in this respect! They make for excellent pets for homes of all types, but they are also excellent at both canine sport and working roles, and a large number of Labs work as assistance dogs, sniffer dogs, and in a range of other important roles.

They are highly social

Labrador retrievers are very sociable with other dogs, and they are often the glue that holds a game in the dog park together! Able to be both boisterous and gentle to meet the needs of other dogs, Labs will usually be right in the thick of it or instigating a game when out playing with other dogs!

They can be trained to be great with smaller pets

The kind nature and receptiveness to training that the Labrador possesses means that they are one of the best breeds to train to live safely with smaller pets, be that cats, rabbits or Guinea pigs, or anything else!

They are excellent with children

Labradors love children just as much as children tend to love them, and if a child is nervous or scared, they are among the best dogs to use to build confidence. They can naturally modulate their behaviour to put small or nervous children at ease, and also love playing and haring around with bold kids!

They have a real sense of humour

The Labrador retriever is good at laughing at themselves, and they love to be the centre of attention when it comes to entertaining others! When it comes to breeds that will make you smile and laugh regularly, they are definitely among the best.

Their coats are low maintenance

While the Labrador coat does moult and like all dogs, they will need the occasional bath, the Lab coat is not particularly high maintenance, and they do not require clipping and trimming as standard.

They tend to be robust and hardy

Labradors are happy in all sorts of mucky and hostile environments, and they certainly aren’t afraid of a little rain or muck! While this can make them rather messy, they are not the type of dogs that will shy away from walking in the rain, or crossing a muddy puddle.

They aren’t too noisy

Labs will bark on occasion, such as in play or if someone comes to the door-but they are by no means yappy, and are not the type of dogs that will bark constantly to get your attention.

They are easy to bribe with food

While the Labrador is not the type of dog to refuse to do things that you ask them very often, the slightest bit of reluctance that they do show can easily be turned around with a treat! The Lab thinks with its stomach more than virtually any other dog breed, so take care that they don’t run to fat!

They love to play

For active, fun-loving people and children, Labradors make for excellent companions. They are fun loving and generally cheerful, and will always be looking for ways to entertain you!

They like to swim

Labradors are just as happy in the water as they are on land, and if you live near lakes and swimming ponds, they will be all too keen to get in and cool down during the summer months!

They make for good houseguests

Labrador retrievers are excellent companions that take to house training quickly and won’t tend to make a mess or a fuss at home. However, like any bored dog they can become destructive if left alone for too long-but Labs tend to create fewer problems than most other breeds in the home!

They are excellent for lifting your mood!

Finally, dogs of all types tend to be great at cheering you up, but few can beat the Labrador when it comes to a dog that will really make you feel better and generally, lift your mood.



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