3 Affectionate Dog Breeds that are Great with Kids

3 Affectionate Dog Breeds that are Great with Kids

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Anyone wanting to share their home with a dog and who has children needs to know that the breed they choose is one that's renowned for being good around kids. There are many gorgeous breeds out there, some pedigree, some hybrids and some crossbreeds that adore children with some of them seeming to have a real affinity with younger kids. Below is a list of just three such lovely breeds that have proved to be great family pets.

1. The English Bulldog

English Bulldogs have a quite unique look about them and when puppies they are incredibly cute with their chunky legs and massive paws. They grow up to be strong and impressive looking mature dogs that boast wonderful kind characters. English Bullies are loyal, gentle and affectionate loving nothing more than to be in a family environment. If anything, an English Bulldog can be a little over-protective of the children they love, so care must be taken when the kids have any friends over to play with them. With this said, a well socialised, happy and well behaved English Bulldog typically likes to join in the fun because they thrive on being around people.

Young Bulldogs tend to be quite boisterous and excitable at times, but this usually changes as they get older and they do settle down into much calmer characters all round. In fact, owners need to be a little careful because if allowed, a Bulldog would happily become a bit of a couch potato, but with kids around and lots of fun and games going on, it helps keep these four-legged companions fitter and therefore healthier.

2. The Rough Collie

Rough Collies have earned the reputation of not only being handsome dogs, but they are also known to be extremely kind and affectionate towards the people they love. Rough Collies have so much going for them as a breed, they are super intelligent and just love being in a home environment, especially if there are kids in the home because these dogs seem to have a real infinity with children. They adore being involved in everything that goes on around them and being so gentle, they take extra care when they are playing with younger children in the home.

Having been bred as herding dogs, there's nothing a Rough Collie enjoys more than moving the kids along which can be a little bit of a problem with very small children more especially as Rough Collies nip at the heels of anything they think needs to be herded along. With this said, Rough Collies are a great choice as family pets more especially in homes where one person stays at home so they usually always have company because they can get a bit stressed out when left on their own. On the downside, keeping a Rough Collies’ coat looking good requires quite a bit of grooming, but on the upside brushing a dog's coat and having that one-to-one contact with them strengthens the bond between owner and dog.

3. The Samoyed

The Samoyed is another impressive looking dog that boasts an extremely kind nature especially when it comes to kids. These lovely looking dogs thrive in a home environment and when well socialised, they grow up to be well behaved and loving dogs. A Samoyed just loves to be involved in everything that goes on in the home and will happily play interactive games with the kids whenever they can with the best part being that these charming dogs always have a smile on their faces.

Samoyeds are easy going, more especially if their education started as soon as they arrive in their new homes and they usually take everything in their stride. With this said, they are known to be ultra-sensitive and will happily hold a conversation with the people they love. Although not known to be "barkers", some Samoyeds like the sound of their own voices which is a trait that needs to be gently curbed when dogs are still young so it does not turn into a real problem later on. Being high-energy characters, Samoyeds will happily play interactive games with the kids, but it's important that playtime does not get too boisterous which could end up with children being knocked over albeit by accident.

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