3 Beautiful Grey Coated Dog Breeds

3 Beautiful Grey Coated Dog Breeds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with some having sleek coats and other having curly coats with lots of different textures in-between. Some dogs are easy maintenance when it comes to keeping their coats looking good whereas others are not and as such many of them need to be professionally groomed several times a year to keep things tidy and in great condition. Below is a list of three lovely breeds that boast having grey coloured coats that really do help them stand out from the crowd.


The classic grey coated dog that is instantly recognisable has to be the Weimaraner with their sleek, silver coats and beautiful coloured eyes. Native to Germany, the Weimaraner is a highly skilled hunting dog that also makes a superb family pet. Many of them are used as assistance dogs throughout the world. Weims are impressive looking and it's believed the breed is an ancient one that dates way back to the 1600s. Some breed enthusiasts believe that Bloodhounds were crossed with Schweisshund breeds to create the Weimaraner. The breed was once the preferred dog for nobles and royals alike thanks to their ability to hunt and track down larger prey. Male dogs stand at anything from 63 to 68 cm with females being slightly shorter. Males also tend to be that much heavier than their female counterparts.

Courageous, bold, extremely energetic and loyal, the Weimaraner boasts having a tremendous amount of stamina which means they are better suited to people who lead very active outdoor lives. They are not a particularly good choice for first time owners unless they have lots of time to dedicate to their canine companions because Weims can often be a little highly strung and need to be handled gently yet firmly so they understand who is in command. In the right hands and environment, a Weimaraner quickly forms a strong bond with their owners remaining loyal to them throughout their lives. They hate being left on their own for any length of time which could end up with a dog developing some bad habits which can prove hard to remedy.

One thing worth noting is that Weims has webbed feet which means they are good swimmers and enjoy being in and around water. They are known to be quick witted although their training can prove challenging although in the right hands, a Weim quickly picks up new things. They are also known to be good around children and if well socialised, they usually get on well with other dogs. They also get on with cats they have grown up with in the same household although a Weim would see off any other cat they meet.

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhounds are large, gentle giants that boast having gorgeous grey coloured, wiry, harsh coats. Often described as being "hairy" dogs, the Deerhound was once Scotland's Royal Dog and at one time only the nobility were allowed to own one. Today, these gorgeous, handsome and elegant dogs are one of the UK's vulnerable breeds which may have something to do with their size. Males can stand at 76 cm at the wither with their female counterparts being a little shorter. Males can weigh in at 45.5 kg and again females tend to be slightly lighter.

Placid, dignified and gentle, the Deerhound never does much very fast preferring to take life at their own pace. These large dogs have a real affinity with children which means they are a great choice as family pets because they adore being in a home environment. Deerhounds are intelligent dogs that love to please, but their socialisation and training has to begin early and it has to be consistent throughout their lives bearing in mind that although large, Deerhounds are very sensitive by nature. They do not respond well to any sort of harsh handling which could end up making a Deerhound timid.


The Pumi is a native breed to Hungary and although gorgeous, they are rarely seen in the UK unlike their Puli cousins. The Pumi is a delightful looking breed and although they come in a variety of colours, when a dog's coat is grey, it really helps them stand out from the crowd. The breed is an ancient one dating back to the 1700s that was created by crossing the Pomeranian or a Hutespitz with a Puli although some enthusiasts believe there could be terrier in the mix too.

They were bred to herd livestock and being so tenacious by nature, Pumis are particularly good at the job they are asked to do. As such, they have always been highly prized in their native Hungary. Males tend to be a little taller and heavier than their female counterparts and they are considered to be highly intelligent dogs. As such, Pumis are easy to train although they do need to be handled gently yet firmly so they understand who is boss.

Pumis form strong bonds with their owners although they tend to be wary around strangers which means they make good watchdogs. They are also known to like the sound of their own voices which is a trait that needs to be gently curbed when dogs are still young and before it turns into a real problem. They also boast having a high prey drive and are known to be highly active by nature which in short means they are better suited to people who lead active outdoor lives rather than anyone who leads a more sedentary life.



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