3 Easy Ways to Cure Your Cat's Boredom

3 Easy Ways to Cure Your Cat's Boredom

It goes without saying that not letting a cat go outside means you keep them nice and safe. Studies have also shown that indoor cats tend to live that much longer simply because they are far less likely to pick up any nasty infectious diseases or suffer any form of traumatic injury. Naturally, it also means that wildbirds and small rodents are kept out of their reach too!

However, there are a few downsides to keeping a cat as an indoor pet, one of which is the fact they are more likely to suffer from boredom which can lead to some rather unwanted behavioural problems. The other being the lack of exercise they get which puts them at greater risk of putting on too much weight and as a result they could develop diabetes mellitus.

For people who live in towns or close to very busy roads, keeping a cat as an indoor pet is by far the best option because to let them out could put them in a lot of danger. With this said, there are things you can do to keep your pet active and mentally stimulated so the boredom doesn't set in and the weight doesn't pile on 3 of which are listed below:

Cat Playtime – The Real Thing!

It goes without saying the best kind of playtime for cats is the sort that encourages them to use their supreme predatory skills. One of the things they are masters at playing much like their canine counterparts, is 'fetch'. A game our feline friends thoroughly enjoy and which often takes their owners by surprise!

The great part about playing fetch with a cat, is that you can use just about anything to get them going and this includes a scrunched up piece of paper. The more noise the object makes the better your cat will like chasing after it before bringing the object back to you so you can throw it for them again (and again).

If you want to invest in something a little fancier, consider buying a puzzle feeder or a few interactive electronic toys which can really keep a feline friend happy for hours as they chase about the house after them!

Invest in Some Cat Furniture

These days there are some pretty amazing pieces of cat furniture on the market which have be been specifically designed to keep our feline companions happy and they like nothing more than being able to climb and jump up as high as they can because cats live in a very three dimensional world. Things like 'Kitty Towers' are ideal especially if you place close to a window so your pet can climb up them to look out on the big wide world outside.

You can even buy 'Kitty Condos' which have everything a feline friend would need to keep them happy and busy when they are not tucked up cosily fast asleep in their favourite spot. Incorporated in the designs are things cats can scratch their claws on and hideouts where they can snooze if they want to which makes them great places for cats to play in.

Create a Safe Outdoor Area for Your Cat

If you have access to a balcony or outside space, you can create a safe area for your cat to go out and play for a while. All that's needed is for an area to be screened off and made safe so that when you are around, you can let your cat out when the weather is fine. You may not want to let your four-legged companion out when you are not around, just to be safe, but there is no reason why they can't be out there when you are at home.

The other alternative is to train your cat to wear a harness and take them out for a walk as you would a dog. You need to bear in mind that cats need to be taught to wear a harness from a young age or you may end up having to drag them along fighting which would defeat the object and make the experience a miserable one.


Cats are gorgeous creatures and they can be quite clever when it comes to keeping themselves entertained. However, if you are worried about your cat being a little too bored when you are not around, it's time to get creative and invest in some brilliant cat furniture and interactive toys which not only relieves your pet's boredom by keeping them amused for hours, but it will help keep them in better condition too!

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