3 Extremely Strong Dog Breeds

3 Extremely Strong Dog Breeds

All dogs can be strong willed at times especially if they have not been well socialised and trained from a young enough age. Some smaller breeds can be hard to control because they are so cute, they tend to get away with things that larger breeds would never be allowed to do. However, there are certain breeds that are physically extremely strong and as such they need to be well trained so they don't pull their owners over when they get too excited or too enthusiastic about something. Below are 3 strong breeds that if allowed, can be strong willed and harder to live with too.

The English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terriers may look intimidating, but at heart they are real softies - providing they have been well socialised from a young enough age, that is. Bull Terriers are the image of power with their well-muscled bodies, short muscled legs and well-toned bodies. Even their heads are impressive with their strong, long and unique shaped heads. Even when they are puppies, these dogs have a powerful look about them although it has to be said that there is nothing cuter or adorable looking than an English Bull Terrier puppy.

Bullies were bred to be strong not only physically, but mentally too which in short means they are fearless and will stand their ground when they feel they need to. They are not overly tall standing at around 50 to 61 cm at the wither, but they are heavy dogs weighing in at anything from 20 to 29 kg most of which is sheer muscle. What sets them apart from other breeds is the shape of the heads which is distinctly egg-shaped when seen from the front and they have a roman nose when seen from the side. This together with their small, narrow eyes give the English Bull Terrier their unique and powerful look. Everything about the breeds wreaks of power and strength, but when properly socialised and well trained, there's no kinder character than the English Bull Terrier although they are not the best choice for novice owners being better suited to people familiar with the breed.

The Bullmastiff

Another breed that wreaks of power and strength is the Bullmastiff. Males can weigh in at anything from 50 to 59 kg with their female counterparts being a little lighter. Males can stand at around 64 to 69 cm and again, females are slightly shorter boasting a slightly lighter build too. The breed came about by crossing Bulldogs with Old English Mastiffs both of which are strong, impressive looking breeds in themselves. Gamekeepers needed powerful, impressive and intimidating dogs to help keep poachers off their land. Back in the 17th and the 18th century the Bullmastiff was quite different looking to the dogs we see today. There is some evidence that Bloodhounds, Great Danes as well as the Saint Bernard were introduced into the mix as time went by to produce the dogs known and loved throughout the world today.

Over the years, these well-muscled dogs have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people the world over and for good reason. Not only is the Bullmastiff an impressive dog, but when well socialised from a young enough age and trained correctly, they can be wonderful companions and family pets. They are intelligent and learn new things quickly. They form strong bond with their owners which means a Bullmastiff would not think twice about protecting the people they love. As such, they need to be trained to respond to commands they are given. Young dogs need to be taught how to walk nicely on a lead because they are extremely strong and powerful even when quite young. The later this type of training is left, the harder it is to control a Bullmastiff when out on a walk simply because of their strength.

Bullmastiffs are not a good choice for novice owners because although they are intelligent, they are known to be a little stubborn and therefore these large and powerful dogs can sometimes prove more of a challenge for people who are not familiar with their personalities and needs. Bullmastiffs also need enough space to express themselves which means they are best suited to owners who have larger houses and ideally a nice secure garden.

The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog happens to be one of the oldest native breeds and have been Britain’s national dog for decades. The breed is recognised throughout the world and they are often associated with Winston Churchill. English Bulldogs are powerful, well-muscled dogs known for their kind and loyal natures. They are also renowned for being great around children of all ages, but due to their sheer strength, these lovely dogs need to be well socialised from a young age and trained correctly so they grow up to be obedient, well-balanced mature dogs. They are quite sensitive by nature so when their training starts which must be earlier rather than later, care should always be taken on how a Bulldog is taught to do new things avoiding any harsh treatment which could end up doing more harm than good.

These strong dogs can weigh in at anything from 24 to 25 kg with females being slightly lighter and they can stand at 31 to 40 cm at the wither when fully mature and they are extremely well-muscled which gives the breed their powerful look. They were originally bred to fight bulls. a blood sport that was eventually banned in the 19th century so they had to be physically and mentally extremely strong. These loyal dogs were saved from vanishing forever by people who emigrated to the New World and who took their dogs with them across the Atlantic. The English Bulldog continued to make their mark in the New World by rounding up stray bulls that roamed around towns and the surrounding areas newly settled by their owners. Today, English Bulldogs are still a firm favourite in many countries of the world.

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