3 Gorgeous Breeds of Bobtail Cats

3 Gorgeous Breeds of Bobtail Cats

Cats are wonderful creatures and they boast incredible balance which their tails help them achieve. However, there are certain breeds which don't have long tails which begs the question, how agile are these pussy cats and does not having a tail affect how they move and jump? Below is a list of bobtail cats from around the world all of which manage extremely well!

The American Bobtail

These lovely cats are known for their kind and loving natures. The American Bobtail is also a highly intelligent feline forming extremely strong bonds with the people they love. There's nothing these pussy cats enjoy more than interacting and playing with their owners, one of their favourite games is “fetch”.

To see an American Bobtail in action, it's pretty evident that not having a long tail does not affect their agility and they boast a pretty high prey drive, to the point of flying through the air chasing butterflies!

Personality-wise, the American bobtail is a very laid-back character and they get along with just about everybody and other animals including dogs. However, the breed is known to mature slowly and usually only reach adulthood when they are around 2 to 3 years old. American Bobtails come in a variety of colours and lovely patterns which tends to enhance their wild-like appearance whether their coats are long or short.

The Japanese Bobtail

In their native Japan, these lovely bob tailed pussy cats are considered to be good luck with many statues of them adorning people's doorsteps. They are one of the more ancient breeds around with records and paintings of them dating back 1000 years and more. The Japanese Bobtail is a very striking looking feline that comes in lots of colours although the more striking the patterns and colours they are, the more valuable they are considered to be in their native Japan with tricoloured cats being the most popular.

Personality-wise, the Japanese Bobtail has a lot going for them. They are very active by nature and highly intelligent felines that love being around the people they love. They are also known to be quite vocal and boast quite a vocabulary of sounds from loud meows to soft little chirps.

Unlike many other breeds, the Japanese Bobtail loves playing around in water and will easily learn games like fetch the toy. However, as previously mentioned, the breed is known to be very active by nature and they do boast a pretty high prey drive which means they are definitely not “lap cats” even though they do like a cuddle every now and again.

They are quite sociable by nature and get on with other animals including dogs and they are particularly good around children. These lovely cats have very distinctive features apart from the bobtail, because they have very fine facial features which makes them stand out from the crowd. Not having a tail certainly doesn't slow the Japanese Bobtail down in any way, shape or form!

The Cymric Cat

Native to the Isle of Man, the Cymric cat is the long-haired version of the Manx cat. Not only do they boast a lovely, long flowing coat, but these lovely cats also have extremely long whiskers which adds to their adorable appeal.

Like their Manx cousins, the Cymric has extra long hind legs which means their rumps are higher than their shoulders which adds to their wild look. They are very gentle felines by nature, but they do boast a high prey drive and are known to be extremely agile hunters which means the lack of a tail does not affect their agility whatsoever.

When it comes to personality, the Cymric is a very clever pussy cat and will even learn to bury toys and other items once they have retrieved them very much like their canine counterparts. The breed is also known for a very particular sound they make when they're happy. This “trilling” is quite unique to the Cymric and the Manx cats which is another reason people find these pussy cats so endearing to share their homes with.

However, because the Cymric is such a loving and loyal feline by nature, they don't like being left to their own devices for long periods of time and if they are, it can lead to all sorts of behavioural problems. Not having a tail does not affect their ability to chase and hunt down anything they decide to chase, so being a bobtail cat does not seem to affect their agility whatsoever!


There are some very smart looking felines on the planet and some quite extraordinary ones too. The 3 bobtail cats mentioned above are all very athletic and active breeds that boast pretty high prey drives and not having a tail doesn't affect their agility when it comes to jumping and chasing toys and any other animal they might be hunting down!



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