3 Gorgeous Puff Ball Dog Breeds

3 Gorgeous Puff Ball Dog Breeds

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If you are looking for a small dog that boasts lots of personality and a gorgeous puff ball coat, there are plenty of breeds to choose from. However, three that stand out in a canine crowd have to be the Pomeranian, the Maltese and the Bichon Frise all of which boast feisty yet loving characters. These dogs are adorable looking and most of the time don't have a clue as to how small they actually are!

The Delightful Pomeranian

If there is one thing a Pomeranian is not "short" on, it's personality. Adoring looking with their puff ball coats and cute fox-like faces, these little dogs are exceptionally lively and real fun to have around. However, they can be a little territorial which means they won't stand any nonsense when it comes other dogs, animals or people coming into what they consider as their "space". As such they are not that good around people they don't know.

If you are looking for a great albeit tiny guard dog, it really doesn't get any better than choosing to share your home with a Pomeranian. These little dogs are incredibly loyal to the people they love and will defend them against any adversary! On the downside, these little canine characters can be a bit yappy which could be a problem if you have neighbours who are not particularly "doggy" people and who may find all the barking a little too annoying.

Caring for these lovely little characters means spending quite a bit of time keeping their coats looking good. Daily brushing is a must to keep them tangle-free and the occasional visit to a dog grooming parlour would be in order too. The thing to bear in mind is that a Pomeranian has a double coat and this should not be trimmed, cut or clipped so if there are any tangles or mats, a professional dog groomer would know how to deal with them correctly.

The Cuter than Cute Maltese

These lovely little dogs boast a great ancestry, having been the much loved companions of many royals for centuries. They are very well behaved little dogs and are known to be affectionate and loyal towards the people they love. The one thing a Maltese dog adores doing is spending time around people.

However, if you're looking for more of a lap dog, you may find these little dogs are a little too lively for that kind of lifestyle. They have lots of energy and like to be kept busy playing games and chasing around a back garden. With this said, they love loads of cuddles in the evening when they are tired out!

When it comes to keeping their coat looking good, the Maltese really does benefit from a daily brush and frequent baths because if there is one thing these little dogs love doing it's messing around and chasing through water. An occasional visit to a professional groomer is also a must especially if their coats have become a bit matted. However, you should never strip or clip a Maltese's coat as you would with a Poodle.

The Sweet Bichon Frise

If you're looking for a cute little teddy bear looking canine companion, the Bichon Frise is just that. They boast one of the sweetest natures and are wonderfully friendly characters. They are intelligent and make superb pets to share your home with. The Bichon Frise may be small in stature, but they have massive personalities and they get on with everybody which includes all sorts of other pets with no problem at all.

The one thing a Bichon Frise loves doing is pleasing their owners which means they are very easily trained. On the downside, these little dogs really don't like being left on their own for great lengths of time and if they are, they get very upset! This can lead to all sorts of behavioural problems which includes destructiveness and barking.

Keeping a Bichon Frise's coat looking puffed up and gorgeous means a daily brush and frequent bathing are a must. It's also a good idea to take a Bichon Frise along to a dog parlour a few times a year to have their coats professionally groomed so they are kept in great condition and looking good which is especially true if you want to have them clipped and are not sure how to do this yourself!


If you are looking for the perfect tiny puff ball companion, it doesn't get much better than the three little pooches listed above. These small dogs may be small in stature, but the one thing none of them are lacking is massive personalities which is why they are such a pleasure to have around and why these three breeds have become incredibly popular over the last few years.



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