3 Smart Ways of Making Sure Your Pet is Happy When You're Not Around!

3 Smart Ways of Making Sure Your Pet is Happy When You're Not Around!

Sharing your home with a pet is extremely rewarding whether you're a cat person or someone who prefers having a canine companion around. There's nothing nicer than being greeted home by a loving albeit hungry furry friend and one that is incredibly happy to see you again. The problem is that many dogs and cats really hate it when you leave them alone, they miss you more than you can imagine. So, how can you make the hours you're away from home more bearable for a dog or a cat? Read on to find out how smart technology can help relieve your pet's boredom and which help take away the fact they miss you!

Apps that turn lights on and off!

Modern technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years which means that people and this includes pet owners, have more control on what goes on in their houses even when they are not actually at home. You can now find apps that allow you to turn your heating off and on when you please and others that let you turn lights on and off around your home. With the darker mornings and evenings, all too often cats and dogs are left in the house in the dark, which makes the fact they miss you being around even harder for them to cope with.

Being able to leave a light or two on in the morning when you leave home will make life a lot easier for your pet when you go out first thing and using the app, as soon as it gets light outside, you can turn your house lights off which in short, means you don't have to worry about a big electricity bill. When it starts to get dark in the afternoon, the app allows you to turn selected lights on again whether in the kitchen, hallway or elsewhere you know your dog likes to be during the day when you are out at work. The result? Your pet will appreciate not being left in the dark when you are not around!

Apps that turn the television on and off!

Some pets and especially dogs, suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave for work whether they are out of the house during the day or at night. One way of alleviating their anxiety when you are not around is to get an app that allows you to turn the television on when you are not at home and which allows you to turn it off again when you need to.

Having noise in the house helps a lot of animals get over the fact they are "home alone" because it gives them a feeling of security. It also helps drown out any other outside noises that your pet might find worrying which just adds to their anxiety and which makes the fact you are not around, that much harder for them to cope with. The great thing is that these days, you can control your television and other devices around the house using a smartphone!

Keeping an eye on things when you are out!

As previously mentioned, the technology we have at our fingertips allows us to keep an eye on things when we are out of the house and this includes being able to watch what our pets get up to when they are left alone! If you share your home with a dog that gets into a bit of mischief or they are incredibly destructive when you leave them on their own, having some sort of "smart" monitoring system, allows you to see when your pet is being naughty, when they are distressed or even if they have got themselves into a bit of trouble that's left them injured in some way. This in turn means you can act quickly and get back home should the need arise!

Although being able to keep an eye on your pet when you are out of the house, offers you more peace of mind than it does to keep your pets busy and therefore more comfortable in the home when they are left alone, it does mean that if things go wrong you can get home in record time so that your pet whether it's a dog or a cat, can be made to feel safe again!


All owners like to know their pets are happy and safe when they are left alone, but some dogs and cats get very stressed out as soon as their owners leave the house. If you share your home with a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, there are lots of ways of making them feel happier when they are "home alone", three of which are detailed above. As a real bonus, you don't have to spend a fortune using smart technology to keep an eye on your pet when you are out and the choice of apps you can download that allow you to turn things on and off around the home so that your pet is not left in the dark and in silence is brilliant!

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