4 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

4 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

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People lead such busy lives they often feel a bit guilty about not spending enough time with their pooches. If you think you should be spending more time with your dog but are struggling there are things you can include in a daily routine that will certainly make them much happier dogs and which will not take up too much time either. Below is a list of fun things you can do that you can do that will make your dog a very happy pooch and which are sure to bring a smile to your face as you watch them figure things out and learn new things!

Make Grooming a Pleasure not a Chore

People often forget just how much their pooches love being brushed. Not only do they find it to be an ultra relaxing experience, but it helps them build up trust and a strong bond with their owners. Grooming your dog doesn't have to take up lots of your valuable time and the best part is the more often a dog's coat is brushed, the less time it takes to get it done and keep it looking good. Making it a pleasant experience might mean rethinking how you go about a grooming session. Including lots of belly rubs by getting your dog to roll over and asking for a paw so you can check out their pads and nails, is a great way of teaching your dog new things while grooming them.

Invest in a Few Doggy Treat and Food Puzzles

Dogs love getting rewarded and it's always nice to offer them healthy treats when they've been good. However, investing in a few treat and food puzzles so your pooch has to figure out how to get to the “goodies” will keep them mentally stimulated and it's something they will thoroughly enjoy doing! It's by far a healthier way of giving your dog a treat. You can buy special doggy toys designed so you can hide food and treats in them which are brilliant investments. You are in fact, making your dog “forage” for the treats or any food that's in the puzzle which is exactly what their wild ancestors had to do.

Make Sure Your Dog Gets to Meet New Pals

Dogs are social creatures by nature and there's nothing they like more than discovering new smells when they are out and about on a walk. New doggy smells carry lots of messages which other dogs have left behind so it's nice if your dog gets to meet up with them on a regular basis. One of the best places for dogs to socialise with other dogs is in the local park or if you want to join an agility club, it's another great and safe place to introduce your pooch to a few new pals.

You don't have to spend hours in the park because 15 to 20 minutes is enough for your dog to say hello to a few mates whether they are dogs they already know or newcomers to the scene. With this said, some dogs don't seem that bothered at meeting up with other dogs but you could always take them along to a dog-friendly café with you because most dogs love meeting new two-legged friends when they are out and about especially if they get petted and praised!

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Dogs enjoy one-on-one attention and it means they are totally focussed on you it’s the best time to teach them a new trick. Dogs are quick learners even those on the stubborn side and it doesn't take them too long to get the message especially if they know there's a tasty treat when they get things right. In fact, it's better to include teaching them a new trick in their daily routine rather than making it a longer training session because they will find it a lot more fun. There are loads of tricks you can teach a dog some of which are a little complicated but others are really simple, but one thing they all have in common, is they help strengthen the bond you have with your pooch!


Dogs love to have a bit of structure in their lives much in the same way as people so it's important to have a nice routine in place so they know what to expect in their day. This includes the amount of time you get to spend with them whether it's out on a walk or playing interactive games with them indoors. Providing your dog with “value” when you are with them is a great way of making sure they are happier, well-balanced characters that enjoy every second they are around you even if it’s not as long as you’d like it to be.

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