4 Ways To Help a Cat Through Their Senior Years

4 Ways To Help a Cat Through Their Senior Years

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Cats can live to a ripe old age if they are well taken care of and fed a good nutritious diet throughout their lives. However, your cat's nutritional needs will change as they get older which is something you need to bear in mind. Just like us there are certain things that will deteriorate in cats which is just the natural process of growing old. This includes their eyesight and hearts being affected by age and why it's important to keep an eye on them.

Below are 4 things you need to keep an eye on as your feline buddy gets older to make life more comfortable for them in their senior years.

Taking a Close Look at Your Cat's Eyes

Just like people, as a cat gets older their eyesight often gets worse which is why it's really important to have your pet's eyes examined at least twice a year at the vets. Should your pet's eyesight diminish or they become blind, then making sure their routine is not disturbed or furniture moved around the home, is essential so they know where everything is. This also means they won't get stressed out by not knowing where things are which includes their water and food bowls as well as their litter trays.

The Importance of Supplements & the Older Cat

Many cats as they age really benefit from being given a calcium supplement because just like in people, age affects their bone density. Older cats may have problems jumping up on things which means you have to make it easier for them to do so. If they are allowed on the sofa, it's a good idea to put a stool in front of the couch so they can use it to get onto a favourite spot. There are other supplements which you can offer an older cat with one being an amino acid called taurine that's essential for their well-being and one which they cannot store in their bodies.

Older Cats & Dental Problems

As your cat gets older, the chances are their teeth will have suffered over time and they may even have lost a few of them whether through fights, infections or for some other reason. It's really important to make sure your pet is still able to eat dry food or any raw food you give them. If you find they are having problems chewing or tearing into their food, you may be well advised to put them of wet canned food which would be a lot easier for them to eat. Again, you need to make sure you give them top quality cat food and one that has the correct level of taurine in it. If you are at all unsure, you should discuss your concerns with your vet.

If you think your cat has lots of tartar build up on their teeth, a quick trip to the vet to have their teeth professionally and expertly cleaned, is essential to avoid any further dental problems from developing.

Keeping an Ear on Their Hearts

Cats of all ages can suffer from heart disease but as they get older they are more prone to complications of one sort or another. This is why it's so important for older cats to have regular health checks with the vet. If there is anything going on, the symptoms can be caught early which means you reduce the risk of things deteriorating which includes health issues like high blood pressure or a build up of fluid in their lungs.

Getting a Clean Bill of Health

If you take your cat to the vet for regular health checks, it gives you the peace of mind they have been given a clean bill of health. If there is something untoward going on, the vet would be able to advise you, make a diagnosis and then recommend a treatment so your cat is made comfortable even if the condition is deemed chronic.


Our cats give us so much pleasure with their antics and their loyalty. They may be independent, sometimes aloof but their love for their owners is unquestionable. Helping your feline friend through their senior years means making sure they are comfortable, safe and in an environment they feel happy in. Should your pet's eye sight have deteriorated, then it's really important not to start moving furniture around which might confuse them and cause them to stress out. Keeping a watchful eye on their health and regular visits to the vet are just a part of making sure all is well with your pet that offers you peace of mind.



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