5 Cat Breeds that Take Travelling in their Stride

5 Cat Breeds that Take Travelling in their Stride

It would be fair to say that cats are not known to like travelling very much. In fact, if anything they like to stay safely ensconced in places they know best. All too often owners have to put up with quite a bit of pitiful howling when they take their feline friends anywhere, which includes quick trips to the vet. Then of course, there's the lovely task of cleaning out of the cat carrier once you get your pet back home!

However, some breeds don't seem to mind travelling and in fact, take it all in their stride. This includes quite happily and without help or encouragement going in a cat carrier before being hoisted into the car to go for a ride. With this said, the 5 breeds below are just such cats and they generally enjoy really enjoy the experience from start to finish making the best feline travelling companions around.

The Chartreux

These beautiful Chartreuxcats boast a tremendous amount of presence. Not only are they impressive looking felines, but they are pretty cool characters by nature too. Boasting splendid grey coats and lovely eyes, they are the gentle giants of the cat world. Some of them can weigh in at anything from 10 to 14 lbs with the females being slightly smaller than their male counterparts. They are laid back pussy cats which makes them a great choice for families with children and where other pets live in the same household. They are also among the breeds that don't seem to mind being taken to new places which means they are great travelling companions to be around.

The Chantilly

The Chantilly is a beautiful looking feline and one that boasts a calm and laid back personality. They are another breed that really doesn't mind being taken to new places which means there'll be no pitiful meowing when they are put in a carrier and then placed in a car! Often called Tiffany cats, they are among the friendliest moggies on the planet which is probably why they don't mind travelling with their owners making them great travelling companions to have around.

The Japanese Bobtail

These lovely, large and energetic felines are super confident about things which is why the Japanese Bobtail takes most things in their stride, making them great travelling companions. They are also incredibly healthy felines which means they very rarely suffer from many of the disorders that other breeds are prone to develop. The are pretty talkative by nature and always ready to share their thoughts with the people they love and being so loyal and affectionate, they rarely object to being around people even if it means being put in a carrier and going for a ride in the car!

The Pixie Bob

Pixie Bobs are great looking cats and you may be forgiven for thinking they are on the “wild side”. However, nothing could be further from the truth because these lovely looking felines are quite the opposite and they form very strong bonds with the people they love. Being highly intelligent, the Pixie Bob is very easy to train and they actually enjoy going out for walks on leads. They don't object to travelling in a car either which means they are wonderful travelling companions more reminiscent of a dog than a cat which means they are a real pleasure to be around when you are on the move.

The Scottish Fold

If you are looking to share your home with one of the sweetest cats on the planet, you would not go far wrong in choosing to do so with the adorable looking Scottish Fold. They are incredibly laid back by nature which is probably why they don't seem to mind being moved around and taken for rides in the car making them among the best travelling companions in the feline world. The Scottish Fold is often referred to as a Highland Fold, Coupan or Long-haired Fold and it's not surprising that people fall in love with them because they are very cute looking felines whether they boast short or long coats, this paired to their gorgeous natures makes them a very popular choice as a family pet.

Top Tips for Travelling with Your Cat

Even when cats don't mind travelling in a car and being moved around, there are still certain things you need to do so their journey is made more comfortable. Needless to say, you have to ensure they don't escape from their carriers because even a laid back cat loose in a car can become a real problem and may even cause an accident. Below are a few tips to bear in mind when travelling your cat in the car with you:

  • Always make sure your pet's carrier is secured by putting a seat belt through the handle and then making sure it is as tight as it can be
  • Make sure music is never played too loudly which could upset your feline companion
  • Make sure you have enough fresh, cool drinking water with you for the journey so you can give some to your feline companion when you make a stop
  • Always take a collar and lead with you when you travel with your cat in the car – this is for emergencies and if you need to let your pet out for a toilet break
  • Take a litter tray with you when you travel with your cat – if you are travelling very far, they will need to be let out of their carrier to do their business and if you have a litter tray with you, it makes it that much easier for both you and your feline friend


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